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Runeterra Announcements: Runeterra Open Resources & Path of Champions Tier List!

Deck Guides, Tournament Lineups, and Path of Champions Tier List!

Howdy, Champs!

Time to get serious now – July's Runeterra Open takes place tomorrow, Saturday 15, and as you can expect our whole team has been busy pumping out all the resources you may need to improve your edge, so let's dive to what we've got for you this week.

Runeterra Open: Decks and Lineups

Draven Lor Level up art

For those of you that prefer to check what worked last weekend, we've compiled the Top 8 Decklists from the $2000 MaRU Open, including of course hao-chien's winning lineup:

If you'd rather expand the data with expert opinion, Sorry's 5 Lineups for the Standard Runeterra Open is the article you want to read – he revisits hao-chien's winning lineup (which was what Sorry took to the MaRu Open, too), going in-depth with its matchups, and presents four other options and the reasoning behind each.

LoR Deck Guides

Our Pros have been busy writing and updating our deck guides, adding or revamping nearly half a dozen more decks this week!

And, of course, for those of you that prefer to craft your own lineups, we've got our staples Monday Meta Report and Best LoR Decks articles with all the latest data.

Mastering Runeterra Podcast, Ep #111: 

Jae and Bae discuss the current Legends of Runeterra meta, their thoughts on the expansion's impact, pore over the results from the Daily MaRu Tournaments, and explain what decks YOU should bring in your lineup for this Runeterra Open!


0:00 Intro

0:43 Opening announcements & Thanks

1:50 Community disgruntled over a low-impact expansion

8:49 "These new champions are NOT interesting" - Majiinbae

14:49 Bae's Prediction "Balance patch will happen, meta will still be boring since no new cards or decks"

16:10 Riot should HIRE Runeterra people to work on Runeterra

17:33 Sump Monument Domination

22:28 Lineup developments from Daily Tournaments

33:25 Real Advice on Lineups

35:10 Jason's Three Day gauntlet for Majiinbae

40:14 The Good Decks for tournaments coming up

43:55 Karma Sett's debatable power level

51:50 Jason is ACTUALLY streaming and killing it

Path of Champions Tier List

For those of you that enjoy the PvE side of things, we have a treat this week: YouuXun, one of Runeterra's best Path of Champions players, crafted a detailed Path of Champions Tier List, ranking every single Champ on the current Path roster from best to worst!

Wrapping Up

That would be it for this week, Champs!
Anything in particular that you'd like us to tackle next week? Let us know in our Discord server, or get in touch on Twitter!

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