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Nasus Vaults of Helia Deck Guide

The most popular deck on ladder at the moment, will Nasus be the Dark Horse of the Worlds Qualifier? Yang lets you know what makes this deck tick.
Nasus Helia Deck Guide

Hey guys, Yangzera here with another brand new deck guide for a deck that’s surprisingly on top of the LoR ranked ladder in play rate which is NasusNasus with Vaults of HeliaVaults of Helia. I’ve done a bit of toying with the deck before sharing because I wanted to have a better grasp of it before giving my thoughts and let me say, I’m impressed. Maybe the people playing against me didn’t understand some basic fundamentals of the game because I had very low thoughts on this deck but after playing it, I think it packs quite the punch. Let’s dive deeper into the archetype and talk about it, shall we?

The Concept

Rockbear Shepherd Vaults of Helia Nasus

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