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"Closer, love..." - EvelynnKudos Productions
"Be as loud as you like." - EvelynnKudos Productions
Sometimes, all the powerful want is to feel powerless.Kudos Productions
"On my walk home from the Entresol, I saw again that poor vagabond sobbing in a small alleyway. That so many veer around her so pointedly breaks my heart as much as her own palpable dismay. So, tomorrow, should we cross paths again, I will endeavor to help her in any way I can."<br>- Notes from Lady Sempescu's diaryKudos Productions
Evelynn's first encounter with Steem was a violent, thrilling affair. Evelynn remembered how he smiled with unbridled pleasure as she flayed him, and how he returned the suffering just as eagerly when it was his turn. After finally overpowering Steem, Evelynn chose then not to destroy the lesser demon, but to bind him to her forever. Perhaps, she thought, they could share their mutual love for butchery with the world.Kudos Productions
Unlike other demons, who lure their victims in with false pretenses, Vora is too single-minded in her craving, too overwhelmed by desire. Rather than a predator who stalks her food, she is a wild beast who must be fed.Kudos Productions
"Beware those who smile on these haunted isles. Perhaps they are too newly arrived to understand the brutality of this place. Perhaps they are crazed. Perhaps they are something else entirely. But beware."<br>- Notes from Jens TommenKudos Productions
"We're playing by my rules." - EvelynnKudos Productions
"We're playing by my rules." - EvelynnKudos Productions
"I'll eat anything..." - EvelynnKudos Productions
As Evelynn stalked Runeterra, she attracted the attentions of lesser demons, each hoping to destroy the Widowmaker and feast on her power. She butchered most, of course, but a few talented individuals caught her eye. Today, they live on, bound to their mistress, and when the mood strikes, Evelynn lets them out to play.Kudos Productions
The priestess' pupils were blown wide, and her hand trembled with nervous excitement. She was ready. This was the single moment Evelynn craved more than any other. She grinned, and slowly shed her visage. Then, as always, the screaming began.Kudos Productions
"Look me in the eye. Tell me I hurt you." - SolitudeKudos Productions
“Look upon our work--look what we have built!” - AzirKudos Productions
"FIVE aces? Looks like I win again!" - Pool SharkKudos Productions
"Alright, Baz. You sure you wanna try again?"<br>"Third time's a charm, Gav. Besides, I reckon we've fought everything this stinkin' city's got goin' for it."<br>"Fought, and lost, Baz." - Baz and Gav, aspiring bounty huntersKudos Productions
Down in the depths of Zaun, the locals are forced to turn the scraps and the dregs they salvage into workable material. After decades of practice, they've become rather good at it.Kudos Productions
"Well, all I'm gonna say about today is that things could have gone better. Gonna leave it at that. Future me... you know what we did."<br>- Kay's diaryKudos Productions
"Stings good, doesn't it?" - SteemKudos Productions
"Oh, the look on your face!" - SolitudeKudos Productions
"We learn as children to ride the dangerous waters. To struggle is to die. It is natural that the first trial a priestess must overcome is forgetting this lesson; to battle the undertow with all her might. For a Truth Bearer is not the swimmer--she is the current." - IllaoiKudos Productions
The leaves of the papertree shimmer with the same fae magic that created the tree itself. And, just like the birds that inspired their form, they find the allure of shiny things impossible to resist.Kudos Productions
"Well, that's not good," Giselle said quietly, ducking behind cover.Kudos Productions
“A moment in time, preserved.” - ZileanKudos Productions
"Figured you were Vora's type..." - SulturKudos Productions
"Here we are, dear. I hear tonight will be quite a splendid affair, and I suspect we'll see many familiar faces!" - Ghostly RevelerKudos Productions
What would a fancy party be without fancy refreshments?Kudos Productions
Their repertoire was impressive, from minuets and waltzes to ballads and folk songs, but truth be told, the party's guests were dying for something new.Kudos Productions
"Keep it lively! Double-time!" - Conductor of the MistsKudos Productions
"Play on, my friends! We will have a livelier concert than ever before!"Kudos Productions
Whether he was a ghost, a memory, or a dream, something about him was familiar...Kudos Productions
It's always easier to join someone on the dance floor than be the first person on it. The twins, however, are always delighted to show others how it's done.Kudos Productions
"We CORDIALLY INVITE you to the party of a lifetime at THE MIDNIGHT REVEL. Join us in celebration at PORCELAIN MANSE for drink, dance, and delight! (Celebrations to end promptly at the 13th hour)" <br>- An invitation written in elegant cursiveKudos Productions
"Needles out!" - GwenKudos Productions
"Needles out!" - GwenKudos Productions
"To pieces!" - GwenKudos Productions
"To pieces!" - GwenKudos Productions
She knew that the Black Mist must be driven back from wherever it had spread to, and the joy and light these spirits lent her efforts cut through it readily. If she could help their celebration in the meantime, all the better!Kudos Productions
Gwen snip-snip-snipped her way through the Black Mist, thinking it strange how completely it enveloped the area, and once she had, the enchanted manse stood out amongst the bleak woods like a beacon. Little wonder Gwen was drawn to it. How curious it was--but also, how grand!Kudos Productions
"Feed. FEED." - VoraKudos Productions
"Told you it'd be a good time. Didn't say whose." - SulturKudos Productions
Those that hear the bell ring are struck by the purity of its tone.Kudos Productions
"You guys won't BELIEVE what I found today!" - Sumpsnipe ScavengerKudos Productions
"Embrace the Balance on every level. Mind, body, spirit. Resist the impetuous urges of youth. Elevate your perspective." - ShenKudos Productions
"Trust the balance. Walk the divide." - ShenKudos Productions
"At once, King Jarvan. We shall see it done at any cost." - Barrett Buvelle, Honored LordKudos Productions
"I wore you out? Already? Shame." - EvelynnKudos Productions
"Flesh. Bone. Screams. I want it all." - VoraKudos Productions
"Not enough! More." - VoraKudos Productions
Stellacorns are born of stars, with some burning hotter than others.Kudos Productions
The crowd gasped as the two shackled yetis were brought into the Bordent's legendary fighting pit. No one thought the beasts strong enough to break their chains, because none of them had ever faced a yeti's might before.Kudos Productions
One must always test the ice before stepping onto it, no matter how thick it may look.Kudos Productions
With the cold, so too come the rimefangs, and they don't have to outpace their prey... merely outwait them.Kudos Productions
"Look at you. You are a pathetic, useless worm." - DominationKudos Productions
The starhounds could not be beckoned or persuaded by climbers on their journey. They were aloof, seemingly inured to the mountain's magics.Kudos Productions
For most, peace is a happy home and the warm quiet found in a loved one's hold. For Yasuo, it is that rare moment when the winds calm and offer promise instead of remembrance. Kudos Productions
"I couldn't help but overhear your fervent whispering, dear wife. I advise you to exercise more caution when discussing family matters in so public a place. You can never be certain who might be listening."Kudos Productions
"At my command, you will fight! If you kill your sparring partner, find another! If you fall, then die knowing your death made Noxus stronger! Trifarian soldiers... begin!" - Trifarian AssessorKudos Productions
"Great wildclaw spirit, grant us your power!" - UdyrKudos Productions
"Hurts, doesn't it?" - Kai'SaKudos Productions
"It spoke to me as... as if it knew me. Like it wanted me to meet... something..." - Kai'SaKudos Productions
Shalatai reeled at the horror before her. There lay Ferai, the kind butcher's daughter, crushed to death. Beside her was Gorrub, the fisherman's son, still reaching toward his love with lifeless hands. So many memories gone. So many lives lost. With a grimace, Shalatai turned to the evil, ready to give her life to save the rest of her people.Kudos Productions
"We had heard tales of Void breaches before, and the devastation that came with them. But to see it myself... I don't know that I will ever rid my eyes of that sight, or my heart of that horror." - Belveth survivorKudos Productions
The Void eruption in the city of Belveth was both sudden and terrifying. Most of the civilians were terrified by the chaos that quickly enveloped the city, and fled for safety as fast as they were able. Most, but not Koyemi.Kudos Productions
Dharna remembered throwing open the windows that morning and smelling the freshly baked loaves. Down the way, fishermen had already began hauling the day's catch up to the noon markets. She remembered smiling, thinking it would be a fine day.Kudos Productions
"Hit and move!" - Kai'SaKudos Productions
"I'll show you how to fight." - Kai'SaKudos Productions
"I'll show you how to fight." - Kai'SaKudos Productions
"I'm learning." - Kai'SaKudos Productions
Kai'Sa worked as fast as she could. Another salvo tore through another abomination, sending it crashing to the ground. She had learned how to fight the Void long ago, but these creatures... they were different.Kudos Productions
Just a few days prior, Kai'Sa noticed her second skin bristling with new excitement, pulling her with ever-increasing vigor toward the Shuriman coast. Something was wrong, and as Kai'Sa neared Belveth, she soon realized the scale of the horror unfolding before her.Kudos Productions