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LoR Deck Guides

Ekko Jinx Puffball Panda Deck Guide
Puffball Panda

Ekko Jinx Deck Guide

Fresh off a top cut at last months Riot Open Puffball Panda gives a Master Class in Ekko Jinx. If you want to learn this unique and powerful archetype look no further!

Karma Sett MajiinBae

New Karma Sett Deck Guide

The Master of all things Iona MajiinBae breaks down how and why you should consider Karma Sett for the Worlds Qualifier this weekend!

Fizz Samira

UPDATED Samira Fizz Deck Guide

Samira Fizz has been making waves among high level players and some are even calling out for hotfixes, and it shows how strong the list is - and it looks like it’s already pretty refined. Today I’ll be going over different versions players have been using and trying to explain the card choices and how they play out.

Tristana Bilgewater Deck Guide

Tristana Bilgewater Deck Guide

Master the Bilgewater version of Tristana, Teemo & Gnar swarm, the strongest deck for dominating the World Qualifier Championship. Unveil key strategies for early, mid, and late-game success.

Tristana Deck

Tristana Noxus Deck Guide

Explore the powerful Noxus Tristana Deck, as it dominates the Runeterra Ladder with its aggressive strategies, card generation, and impact.