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Sirturmund’s and MonteXristo’s Seasonal Experiences

We can’t win them all: LoR is a zero-sum game, and every victory demands a defeat. Sirturmund and MonteXristo reflect about what happens when things don’t go our way, and Fortune greets our efforts with slings and arrows.

Herko Kerghans

Seasonal Top Cut Wrap-Ups

We asked half a dozen Seasonal Top Cut pilots for their lineups, their thoughts behind their strategy, and how they navigated the Open Rounds to reach Top 32.


Monday Meta Report

Looking for the best decks in the meta? Leer dives into the data to show you what decks you should play and prepare to face!


Kevor’s Quick Tips: A-Fae-Lios

‘Twas the night before Seasonal. After finishing rank 1, Kevor is here to the rescue with some quick tips and tricks for the a-Fae-lios enjoyers out there.

Best LoR Ladder Decks
Herko Kerghans

Weekend Warrior Weapons

Twenty Top-Performing Blends, from Top Dogs to Exotic Brews, for the Cultured Ladder Enjoyer

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Jason Fleurant

What Our Pros are Playing

LoR Seasonal Lineups — These are the Mastering Runeterra pro players’ recommendations!


Learning How to Learn: The Value of Tempo

Tempo is a seemingly straightforward term in card games – but, like Time, it’s hard to define precisely. Yangzera breaks it down into three factors, to better grasp this crucial strategic concept.


Deck Guide: Pirates!

Pirates has seen a facelift, come find out how to play the latest iteration from MonteXristo as he breaks down one of LoR’s oldest and most reliable burn decks!


Lee Sin Viktor – The Slow Grind

Lee Sin Viktor is the new control deck being played in masters! Let Sirturmund walk you through this deck and how to approach playing it.


Detailed Deck Guide – Aphelios Viktor

Guns, Robots, and Science! Aphelios Viktor is a toolbox deck based around creating whatever you need. Learn all about it in this deck guide by Leer!


Riven Viktor – A Glorious Combo

It’s a glorious day for Viktor and Riven enjoyers, Patch 3.4.0 heralds the evolution of one of the many Noxus P&Z archetypes.

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