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Monday Meta Report 

Are you looking for the best decks in the meta? Leer takes a deep dive into the data to show you what decks you should play and prepare to face!


Deck Guide: Twisted Fate Nami

Thanks to the brilliant Burble mastermind, Drisoth, TF Nami has become the fifth most played deck – Jasensational shares tips and insights for this wiggly archetype!

Best LoR Ladder Decks
Herko Kerghans

Weekend Warrior Weapons

Twenty potent brews, from Staples to Exotics, for the discerning Ladder climber!


Katarina and 3 Champion Splits

Monte explains why, as LoR gets more champions, we’ll see more decks using three champions instead of the usual two.


“Ready for a Test Drive?” – Air-Strike Rumble Deck Guide

Tomc, formerly a sergeant in the Dauntless Vanguard, has been the commanding officer of this elite Yordle strike unit for the past two seasons — he shall do his best to guide you through this field inspection and help you assume command of the unit.


LoR Glossary

CCG jargon can be quite obscure for the uninitiated. Passing, SMORC, Ping, Tempo, Roping, BM… MonteXristo lists and explains most LoR-related terms!


Deck Guide: Ezreal Annie 

The new batch of efficient tools has made our resident Noxus P&Z Tempo enjoyer quite happy. Here are his insights about the archetype’s newest iteration.