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Champ Choices: Taliyah Ziggs

Curious Journey Seasonal Champ Prodigy shares tips and insights for one of his favorite decks, which he won Seasonals with: Taliyah Ziggs.

Card Gamer

How to Set Up Forks in LoR

In Chess, a fork is when a single piece simultaneously attacks two or more pieces. Card Gamer explores forks in LoR, and how to set up multiple concurrent threats.


The 1-2-3 of Deckbuilding

WhatAmI answers a subtle riddle of the deckbuilding process: “How many copies of a given card do we want in our deck?”

Mastering Runeterra

Awakening Happy Places

Prodigy, Mtucks, Shadawx and Monte share the brews they are into right now – from Meta powerhouses to off-meta fun, these are the decks that make these cracked players click right now.


Deck Guide: Ezreal Annie 

The new batch of efficient tools has made our resident Noxus P&Z Tempo enjoyer quite happy. Here are his insights about the archetype’s newest iteration.


Kevor’s Quick Tips: A-Fae-Lios

‘Twas the night before Seasonal. After finishing rank 1, Kevor is here to the rescue with some quick tips and tricks for the a-Fae-lios enjoyers out there.


Deck Guide: Swain Gnar

Need to slap some pesky Demacia Rally decks? Then let Jasensational tell you all about the exploits of the Noxian Grand General and his (new) furry best friend.


Sejuani Gnar Bandle – Value Galore!

Sejuani Gnar Bandle has mediocre performance and bad matchup tables… but Sirturmund believes that’s because pilots are playing the deck incorrectly, or playing unoptimized lists.


Detailed Deck Guide: Pantheon Yuumi

Pantheon Yuumi is quietly one of the best decks in the upcoming metagame. In this guide, Leer shows how the archetype functions, how to mulligan, and how to beat each matchup.

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