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Kevor’s Quick Tips: A-Fae-Lios

‘Twas the night before Seasonal. After finishing rank 1, Kevor is here to the rescue with some quick tips and tricks for the a-Fae-lios enjoyers out there.

Jason Fleurant

What Our Pros are Playing

LoR Seasonal Lineups — These are the Mastering Runeterra pro players’ recommendations!


Detailed Deck Guide – Viego Shurima

In the last three days, Viego Shurima has jumped to the top of the playrate charts – Yangzera explains in detail how to pilot this controlling bad boy.


Detailed Deck Guide: Taliyah Ziggs

Taliyah Ziggs is one of the most powerful archetypes in the current meta. With a 55+% winrate over the past seven days, the deck has already become a meta staple, and a safe pick for your Seasonal lineup.


Riven Viktor – A Glorious Combo

It’s a glorious day for Viktor and Riven enjoyers, Patch 3.4.0 heralds the evolution of one of the many Noxus P&Z archetypes.


Detailed Deck Guide: Azir Irelia

Leer lays out the vast power of Azir Irelia, why it’s especially good right now, and how to pilot it with grace and precision.


Deck Guide: Swain Gnar

Need to slap some pesky Demacia Rally decks? Then let Jasensational tell you all about the exploits of the Noxian Grand General and his (new) furry best friend.


Sejuani Gnar Bandle – Value Galore!

Sejuani Gnar Bandle has mediocre performance and bad matchup tables… but Sirturmund believes that’s because pilots are playing the deck incorrectly, or playing unoptimized lists.


Deck Guide: Jayce Heimer Shadows

Jasensational shares his tips and tricks for one of his weapons of choice this season, featuring his favorite Champ: the bright, hirsute Prof. Heimerdinger


Detailed Deck Guide: Pantheon Yuumi

Pantheon Yuumi is quietly one of the best decks in the upcoming metagame. In this guide, Leer shows how the archetype functions, how to mulligan, and how to beat each matchup.


The Angler in Deep Water: A Shark’s Perspective, Part 2

bA1ance finishes his tour through the best data sites, shares tips on how to best use them, and interviews Team Pandex’ Coach, Tiburón Blanco, about how to make decisions based both on data and extensive experience.

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