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Karma Sett PNZ Deck Guide

By combining Karma's powerful Enlightened abilities with Sett's agility and flexibility, this deck aims to dominate the board and outpace opponents. Discover the best synergies, mulligan strategies, and tech choices to elevate your Jett Karma Deck to new heights, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving Runeterra meta.

Karma Sett PNZ Introduction

Hello everyone, Yangzera here back with another deck guide and for a champion I truly love to play which is: KarmaKarma! With the Glory in Navori expansion we got introduced to SettSett and his package, which is an extremely good enabling archetype. That is, it’s a package of cards that can support a more greedy style of gameplay, since it can help you reach later stages of the game. That gameplay pattern, combined with KarmaKarma and her extremely strong leveled up effect can make it so you’ll dominate the later stages of the game, especially when you start entering mana cheating territory with CoinCoins and whatnot. Today we’ll talk a little bit more about the Piltover and Zaun version of KarmaKarma/SettSett, which has shown itself to be very powerful even in the hands of inexperienced pilots, as stats have shown recently.

I recommend that you read my previous guide on KarmaKarma ViktorViktor, as the mindset when playing both decks is pretty much the same: reach round ten and start getting value off of KarmaKarma.

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