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Runeterra Announcements: LoR Worlds Qualifier Open

The first Worlds Qualifier Runeterra Open is right around the corner – and we've got all the info, lineups, and deck techs you may need!

The First Worlds Qualifier Runeterra Open

Here it is, Champs: Day One of Legends of Runeterra's first Worlds Qualifier Open will take place this Saturday, May 13.

Cherry on top, Riot has confirmed official coverage for Day Two (on Sunday 14)...

… and we're happy to announce that Mastering Runeterra will be part of said coverage! =)

A couple of things to bear in mind for this Saturday's confrontation:

Worlds-class Weaponry

Last weekend, BaJAtakk took down our $1000 MaRu Open – here's the article with the Top Eight decklists, but quite a bit has happened in Runeterra in the last few days.

In particular, the LoR meta is being shaken up by Runeterra's real Top Dog: Nasus. While Samira and Tristana are still the top two choices, Nasus took the LoR ladder by storm this week – be sure to check Yang's thoughts on decks and lineups for the Runeterra Open, which he published last Thursday when Nasus was a known factor, and here is Yang's Vault Nasus deck guide.

Needless to say, those are not the only articles and deck guides we've got for you this week!

Would you prefer the DIY approach for finding your weapons of choice? Here you go: our Legends of Runeterra meta tier list, detailed meta stats pages, and our recommended Best LoR Decks article – all data supplied by Riot, via Riot's API, from players at Platinum and above in the LoR ranked ladder.

Riot's New CEO

For those with an interest in the corporate side of things, Riot's current global president, Dylan Jadeja, will become the company's next CEO later this year, succeeding current CEO Nicolo Laurent.

Here's Riot's official announcement, including the letters that Jadeja and Laurent sent to Rioters when the announcement was made; and here's Laurent's tweet announcing the transition.

Wrapping Up

Best of luck in the Runeterra Open, and see you on Day Two!


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