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Lineup Thoughts for the WCQ Open

With the World Championship Qualifier Open this weekend, Yangzera is here to help you put together a lineup and solve the third deck problem!
Worlds Qualifier Decks


What’s up everyone, Yangzera back with an article that aims to help you prepare for the upcoming World Championship Qualifier Open! Today I’ll be giving a few thoughts on specific lineup choices I'm considering and that I think are strong picks for this Saturday, especially if you're looking for a last minute answer to your problems. I’ll try to be easy and concise here as people are mostly locked by now but you never know, hopefully I can help a lost soul decide on what’s their third deck for this weekend.

The Third Deck Issue

We as a competitive community are no strangers to the “Third Deck” issue in LoR Tournament meta. It’s a tale as old as the competitive scene itself that the third deck in most lineups is generally not good enough compared to the other two that make up for the lineup’s “core”.

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