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Ekko Jinx Deck Guide

Fresh off a top cut at last months Riot Open Puffball Panda gives a Master Class in Ekko Jinx. If you want to learn this unique and powerful archetype look no further!
Ekko Jinx Puffball Panda Deck Guide

Hi y'all, Puffball Panda here!

I’m excited to be writing up my very first guide, and for Mastering Runeterra, no less. For those of you who aren’t familiar with me, I’ve been playing Legends of Runeterra since Rising Tides and have hit Masters twelve times. I recently Top Cut the first Runeterra Open and generally enjoy playing midrange as well as combo decks. I focus most of my time with LoR in the content space and also enjoy cosplaying a random LoR follower here and there.

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