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Like a Champ: How to Build & Tech Decks for Seasonals

Seasonal Champ Prodigy shares insights on how to build and tech your decks for the upcoming Seasonal Tournament.

Hello everyone, Prodigy here – I've won the A Curious Journey Legends of Runeterra Seasonal in the AM shard, and I’ve reached the Playoffs in four of the five Seasonals I’ve played in (going 8-1 twice, and 7-2 also twice, in the Open Rounds). With the next LoR Seasonal Tournament around the corner, I wanted to write a guide on how to prepare, tweak and tech your decks – this article will focus mainly on deckbuilding, and what I think are the most important factors: cohesion, comfort, and consistency (the three C’s).

I’ll be doing a case study of my Forces from Beyond Seasonal run, where I went 8-1 in the Open Rounds. I think that illustrating with examples makes things easier to understand – if you check what I was planning to bring a few days before the tournament, you'll notice it's the same decks, but with the tweaks I'll detail below.

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