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Gwen Legends of Runeterra LoR

Gwen Quinn (Vayne?) Deck Guide

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the Gwen Quinn deck, including its core cards, game plan, and tips for piloting it to victory. Whether you're a seasoned LoR player or just getting started, I’ll try to provide valuable insights to help you master this deck that’s been putting up very good numbers lately

Aatrox LoR Deck

Aatrox Vayne Deck Guide

Aatrox Vayne has been performing extremely well on the LoR ladder lately, and it’s mostly due to the fact that the entire deck dodged the standard rotation. Not a single card from the previously used lists was rotated, and the deck even gained Form Up! as a pretty good offensive buff, so it has become a powerhouse in the early Glory in Navori meta.


Jack Seraphine Deck Guide

This Jack Seraphine Bar deck has all the tools needed to beat the competition. If you love big powerful control decks than look no further!


Karma Sett PNZ Deck Guide

By combining Karma's powerful Enlightened abilities with Sett's agility and flexibility, this deck aims to dominate the board and outpace opponents. Discover the best synergies, mulligan strategies, and tech choices to elevate your Jett Karma Deck to new heights, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving Runeterra meta.

Jason Fleurant

Teemo Caitlyn Deck Guide

Discover the best Teemo Caitlyn deck in Legends of Runeterra, featuring optimal deck builds, champion synergies, and game-winning strategies to dominate the meta!