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Volibear and Support Cards Review - Fate's Voyage: Onward Expansion

Join Sorry as he gives his review on Volibear along with the new cards from the Fate's Voyage: Onward Expansion.

The latest champion to join Legends of Runeterra Fate's Voyage: Onward Expansion is none other than VolibearVolibear, and he's making his presence felt in the Frosty Frejlord region. Frejlord has been enduring a bit of a tough time in the Runeterra meta, often serving as a supporting region. However, VolibearVolibear's arrival promises to be a game-changer, potentially revitalizing Frejlord's standing in the meta.

I'll go through all the new cards and give my rating and opinion on them.

Here’s my rating scale:

  • 5.0: Meta-defining card, it should prove itself as a staple in multiple top-tier archetypes.
  • 4.0: Archetype staple, or auto-include in multiple archetypes.
  • 3.0: A solid playable could serve as a staple for some archetypes.
  • 2.0: Could be used for specific synergies or to counter some decks.
  • 1.0: Unlikely to find its place in the meta.


Volibear (level 2)

Relentless Storm


Rate: 4.0

VolibearVolibear is a powerhouse 9-cost unit with a 10|10 stat line. His goal is to hit the board and instantly shift the game's dynamics, opening up opportunities for a lethal attack.

Given his high cost and robust stats, VolibearVolibear depends on the Sigil of the StormSigil of the Storm landmark to hit the board a bit earlier. Ramp decks, as well, can incorporate VolibearVolibear as part of their win condition.

VolibearVolibear's play effect is a game-changer, unleashing Relentless StormRelentless Storm three times, dealing 4 damage to random units or the Nexus if there's none. This can clear out enemy units and set up a powerful attack.

What's great is that VolibearVolibear's level-up condition doesn't require him to be on the board. You'll need to deal a total of 50 damage to level him up, a late-game achievement you'll likely be nearing when VolibearVolibear hits the board.

Importantly, his level-up isn't limited to Strike damage; spells and skill damage also count. This means that Volibear's play effect, Relentless StormRelentless Storm, can contribute to achieving the 50 damage needed to level him up on the spot.

Once leveled, VolibearVolibear becomes an immediate threat with the crucial Overwhelm keyword, putting his 11 Power to good use. Moreover, VolibearVolibear will unleash Relentless StormRelentless Storm on attack and give other allies the Overwhelm keyword. This is especially valuable if your deck includes high-power units, making it challenging for opponents to block and survive your attacks.

Volibear excels as a powerful finisher, designed to end games once he's leveled. He works best in decks that can field buffed units and prolong the game until this win condition is established.

VolibearVolibear's champion spell is an AOE 4 damage ability that avoids hitting your Titanic units, offering a handy removal tool to maintain control of the board. Holding onto this 8-mana threat can make it difficult for your opponent to build a substantial board presence.

It's a stronger version of Trundle's Icequake, sacrificing the -3|0 effect for an extra 1 damage. The plus side is that it doesn't damage your Titanic units.

Overall, Volibear looks to be a promising champion, especially with the support package he has. The new cards provide the early to mid-game strategy before setting up that Volibear Overwhelm win condition.

AOE damage spells like AvalancheAvalanche and Blighted RavineBlighted Ravine might be a popular addition to these kinds of archetypes that want to keep the board in check as they advance VolibearVolibear's level-up condition.

What I mostly like about VolibearVolibear is his immediate impact on the board with Relentless StormRelentless Storm, he can be played on offensive or defensive turns and can disrupt the opponent's game plan.

Flamecaller Caprine

Flamecaller Caprine

Rate: 3.5

Flamecaller CaprineFlamecaller Caprine is a 4-cost 3|2 unit with the Tough keyword. Its Forge ability, triggered when you play an Elemental Spell or skill, boosts its stats, making it a 4|3. You'll need to activate Forge on Flamecaller CaprineFlamecaller Caprine if you want it to be worth the 4 mana you've spent.

Managing to Forge multiple times will be an insane value on Flamecaller CaprineFlamecaller Caprine and with the Tough keyword, you'll force the opponent to commit more resources to kill it. It'll also pack a punch when it goes for the attack, so the opponent might have to sacrifice a unit to preserve their Nexus' health.

Invocation Of Thunder

Invocation of Thunder

Rate: 2.5

Invocation Of ThunderInvocation Of Thunder is a 3-mana card-draw spell that also summons Sigil of the StormSigil of the Storm onto the board. It might seem a tad costly for a single-card draw, but it comes in handy if you're aiming to play one of your Titanic units earlier than usual. You can spend 3 spell mana to reduce the cost of a Titanic unit by 1 and get an extra card draw. Keep in mind that it's a slow-speed spell, so your opponent gets an action after you play it. The biggest drawback is the inability to burst speed draw mid-combat, which means you won't be able to find a specific card in your deck if you need it.

Sky Splitter

Sky Splitter

Rate: 4.0

Sky SplitterSky Splitter serves as a low-cost combat trick, providing a +1|+3 stat boost to keep units alive. The +3 health might even transform one of your units into a Titanic unit, which can benefit your overall game plan.

This is a solid protection tool for its cost, and we'll most likely see it in numerous archetypes that rely on keeping key units alive. It's excellent to help keep units like Berserker UrsineBerserker Ursine safe.

Clash of Giants

Clash of Giants

Rate: 3.0

Clash of GiantsClash of Giants is a 16-cost spell with strong Elemental Spell and Skill synergy. Its cost decreases as you play more Spells and Skills throughout the game. It doesn't have to be in your hand for the cost reduction to apply, allowing you to cast it for as low as 6 mana. While it can set up a late-game win condition on the board, the random Titanic units it summons introduce unpredictability that may not be what you want.

Clash of GiantsClash of Giants is a great tool alongside a leveled VolibearVolibear, letting you use those summoned units as Overwhelm attackers and create a stronger attack.

Closing Words

Frejlord has some exciting new playstyles coming up! Sigil of the StormSigil of the Storm and VolibearVolibear will definitely shake up the meta and bring new archetypes into the mix.