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Sorry's Review of Fate's Voyage: Onward Day 6 New Cards

Sorry shares his first impression and opinion on Day 6 new cards from Fate's Voyage: Onward expansion

Heya everyone, Sorry here! Today I'll go through the newly revealed cards for day 6 of Fate's Voyage Onward expansion.

We've got six new cards from the Frejlord and Targon regions to talk about. Additionally, we've learned that any unit with 8+ Power or Health is now considered Titanic. Most of the new cards work well with Titanic units and introduce new synergies and strategies.

Let's dive right into the cards and I'll give you my initial thoughts and opinions.

Sigil of the Storm

Sigil of the Storm

Sigil of the StormSigil of the Storm can't be added to your main deck, but there are cards that can summon it. This landmark lets you bring out high-cost units earlier than usual, like a ramp deck. Aurelion SolAurelion Sol, for example, can benefit from a Sigil of the StormSigil of the Storm deck. You can stack multiple Sigil of the StormSigil of the Storm to reduce the cost of your Titanic units.

The neat thing about this card is that you're not reducing the cost of random units in your hand. All your Titanic units will benefit from the cost reduction, and it'll be up to you to decide which Titanic unit you want on the board.

I love the idea of this landmark and since it's attached to other units, you'll be able to build your board while still setting up for powerful turns.

Valhir's Prophet

Valhir's Prophet is a 3-cost unit with modest 2|3 stats. While it may not be a strong blocker against 3-health units, its main job is to help summon Sigil of the StormSigil of the Storm while keeping up with your opponent's early plays.

It's nothing fancy and has no keywords, it's basically there to block, kill, or damage units and set them up for removal tools like AvalancheAvalanche or Blighted RavineBlighted Ravine.

Berserker Ursine

Berserker Ursine

Now we're talking value! While on the board, it lets you summon Sigil of the StormSigil of the Storm whenever you cast a spell or skill. This can be incredibly powerful, but it has a vulnerable stat line of 5|3 for a 6-cost card. Players may need to reserve mana to protect it or get the most out of it. Fortunately, Frejlord has cards like Elixir of IronElixir of Iron and Troll ChantTroll Chant to protect Berserker UrsineBerserker Ursine while also triggering its ability.

I think in a deck capable of protecting Berserker UrsineBerserker Ursine and having access to low-cost spells it can play a powerful role in getting those Sigil of the StormSigil of the Storm stacks and dominating the board with your high-cost units.

Rhond, the Magma Serpent

Rhond, the Magma Serpent

A big guy that summons three Sigil of the StormSigil of the Storm as a play effect. Rhond, the Magma SerpentRhond, the Magma Serpent has 8 Power which means it's a Titanic unit. You'll be able to play it for less mana depending on the Sigil of the StormSigil of the Storm stacks and still resummon Sigil of the StormSigil of the Storm to either play another big unit or set up for a strong upcoming turn.

Unfortunately, Rhond, the Magma SerpentRhond, the Magma Serpent doesn't present an immediate threat on the board with its high stat line. It doesn't have any keywords so your opponent can simply chump-block it until they find answers on the upcoming turn.

Herald of Celestial Convergence

Herald of Celestial Convergence

A new 8-cost Targon Titanic unit with a 5|8 stat-line with the sub-type Bird. Herald of Celestial ConvergenceHerald of Celestial Convergence is a Daybreak and Nightfall synergy card that can take the late game to another level with the value it provides.

Its play effect allows you to reactivate the Daybreak and Nightfall effect of other allies on the board. This almost always comes in handy depending on your board state. A LeonaLeona deck will be able to set up multiple stuns with Solari SunhawkSolari Sunhawk and Leona allowing you to initiate a powerful attack.

This gives Daybreak decks more late-game value if you have Solari PriestessSolari Priestess and Eclipse DragonEclipse Dragon on the board.

Nightfall decks also benefit from Herald of Celestial ConvergenceHerald of Celestial Convergence, letting you reactivate the Nightfall effect of cards like DoombeastDoombeast or The Winding LightThe Winding Light.

Finally, keywords! Herald of Celestial ConvergenceHerald of Celestial Convergence can get either Overwhelm or Spell Shield depending on whether you've activated its Daybreak or Nightfall effect. Overwhelm might be the more popular choice if you're looking for a more aggressive playstyle. However, in a lot of cases, you might opt for the Nightfall effect if you're looking to play a Daybreak unit first and reactivate its Daybreak. The Spell Shield is useful for a more defensive playstyle as well.

Seismic Shard

Seismic Shard

This is one powerful damage spell added to Targon which we'll definitely be seeing a lot of in Titanic archetypes.

Seismic ShardSeismic Shard is a 7-cost spell dealing 7 damage to a unit, but if you behold a Titanic unit, you can cast it for just 4 mana. This card can help control the board and eliminate key threats efficiently, potentially making it a powerful addition to some decks.

I'm afraid this might end up becoming too strong of a card, especially since Beholding a Titanic unit won't be a difficult task for some archetypes.

Closing Words

All the cards look promising, and Sigil of the StormSigil of the Storm introduces exciting possibilities for new deck strategies. I can't wait to test those cards myself once they're on the live server and tomorrow the third champion will be officially revealed!