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This Week in Runeterra: Decks for This Climb, and Strategy Articles for the Next!

Best decks to climb this ending patch cycle, and strategy articles to get ready for the next!

Howdy, Champs!

The Devs have deemed it fit to give us ten days between the Runeterra Open last weekend and the Variety patch that will land this coming Wednesday (which will also switch LoR's focus from Standard to Eternal) – online philosophers have theorized that perhaps the Devs did so on purpose, to give us a few days to play Baldur's Gate… 

… but in case you're looking to take advantage of a stable meta to push a bit higher on the LoR ladder, we've got you covered with the best decks for the job.

And if you want some more in-depth articles about how to improve your skills, we've got those too!

LoR Decks for a Bit of Climbing

If you want to go for a push on the Standard ladder before the LoR meta shifts, Sorry did his Power Rankings for Patch 4.7, with his selection of eight best decks to climb the Runeterra ladder with – here are his three top picks:

On his end, Herko squeezed this week's numbers to check what are the Current Best LoR Decks according to the cold hard data – these would be the best when you factor play rate and win rate:

And if you'd rather take something new to the LoR ladder, Yangzera wrote his Sett Seraphine Deck Guide, the deck that rocked the boat quite hard in the Runeterra Open, with 2 first places and 2 second places all told.

LoR Strategy: Victory Loves Preparation

Looking to improve your LoR skills, perhaps getting ready for the Eternal Ladder climb?

Eight Tips to Improve at Legends of Runeterra

This week, Sorry put together eight tips to improve at Legends of Runeterra, exploring the skills that can quickly elevate your gameplay and help you climb to higher ranks:

And for our newer readers, here are two classics from last year:

The 1-2-3 of LoR Deckbuilding

In the 1-2-3 of Deckbuilding, top player (and mad scientist/brewer) WhatAmI answers a subtle riddle of the deckbuilding process: β€œHow many copies of a given card do we want in our deck?”, discussing when your deck needs one, two, or three copies of a given card.

Stairway to Tiebreakers – A LoR Laddering Guide

And in Stairway to Tiebreakers, World Competitor Mtuck shares how he approaches climbing the LoR ladder to secure 7:2 tiebreakers in nearly every Season: when to focus on learning a deck, when to focus on climbing fast, and how to find the meta-breakers.

Wrapping Up

That would be it for this week, Champs!

Anything in particular you'd like us to tackle next week? Let us know in our Discord server, or get in touch on Twitter!