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Stairway to Tiebreakers – A LoR Laddering Guide

World Competitor Mtuck shares how he approaches climbing the LoR ladder to secure 7:2 tiebreakers for nearly every Seasonal.

Laddering is a topic that tends to bring up a lot of different feelings when it comes to the Legends of Runeterra scene. For some, it is a place to test their skills and to see how high on the ranks they can get. For others it’s a place to test homebrews, to play niche strategies, or to try to break the meta. For competitive players, however, laddering tends to be a chore where you have to spend hours grinding in order to end in the top 30, in order to secure the 7-2 tiebreakers for that season’s Seasonal Tournament.

For those of you who do not know me, I’m Mtuck. I’ve played the game since beta and have had 7-2 tiebreakers every Seasonal except for two. I’ve reached Rank #1 multiple seasons and I generally apply the same strategy to my climbs every season. In this article, I’ll break down my approach to ladder, how I’ve managed to consistently reach 7-2 tiebreakers, and hopefully share tips on how to climb smarter, not harder. To do this we’re going to ask a series of questions and work through the answers together.

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