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The 1-2-3 of Deckbuilding

WhatAmI answers a subtle riddle of the deckbuilding process: “How many copies of a given card do we want in our deck?”

I get asked a lot of questions, both on and offline, on how to go about building and refining decks. There’s obviously a huge amount of different important considerations to take into account – if you are familiar with my Rogue Deck Doctor articles, then you've probably seen the basic checkmarks I go through when brewing – but today I want to focus on one that gets a lot of controversy. We’re going to ask ourselves, “How do we decide on the number of copies of a given card to put into the final version of our deck, be it for Ranked, or for Tournaments & Gauntlets?”

Breaking Complex Concepts Down

As with most things, I find the best way to break down complex concepts is to have a relatively simple methodology that can be applied in different ways to almost any situation. Given that once we’ve decided we want a card in our deck we only have three different options for the number we’re going to play, I like to use the following chart to make my decisions. 

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