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Champ Choices: Taliyah Ziggs

Curious Journey Seasonal Champ Prodigy shares tips and insights for one of his favorite decks, which he won Seasonals with: Taliyah Ziggs.

Hello everyone, it's Prodigy – I've won the A Curious Journey Legends of Runeterra Seasonal in the AM shard, piloting a triple-Shurima lineup that included Taliyah Ziggs in the mix.

Now that one of my favorite decks is back on the rise, I wanted to turn over some rocks on how to pilot ZiggsZiggs TaliyahTaliyah in Legends of Runeterra. I recently used this deck to secure my ladder seeding at Seasonals, reaching 665 LP by playing over 170 games at a roughly 69% win rate. I have been the pilot pioneering and advocating this list, so here is the Taliyah Ziggs deck that I climbed with!

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