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Squadcast #30: Mistakes, Mysteries, and MaRu $1000 January Open!

RubinZoo's interview with Alanzq, IAmWalrus's thread on the MMR system, and what the Squad plans to bring to the MaRu $1K Open today!

Squadcast #30: Mistakes, Mysteries, and MaRu $1000 January Open!

Monte, Shadawx, Card Gamer, Yangzera, SantaTCG, and Prodigy discuss the details from RubinZoo's interview with Alanzq (you can check the full VOD here)...

… Riot's IAmWalrus's thread on the changes to the Masters LP and MMR system…

… and what they plan to bring to the Mastering Runeterra $1000 January Open this Saturday, and Seasonals next week.

You can check the full Squadcast #30 Podcast here:

Squadcast #30 – Timestamps

0:00 Introductions,

1:25 The Legends of Runeterra Seasonal is 10 days away! Yangzera's Triangle Theorem,

5:02 How Card Gamer plays the triangle, and Yang on how awful it feels nowadays, after playing Aatrox, to play other champions that don't draw themselves.

7:20 The conundrum of the "three best decks" lineup, and third best deck pains, 

10:19 Yang angers their delivery driver,

12:44 Prodigy's Triple Shurima Seasonal Plan, including Taliyah Ziggs, which he recently wrote about.

13:40 Red vs Blue Kayn decks,

16:45 Trundle Tryndamere; is it really good?

26:05 LoR Ladder LPs and MMR issues,

34:45 Competitive changes on the horizon!

45:25 First Legends of Runeterra Worlds Finalist confirmed: Champ gets a run-back!

50:45 Rotation... soooon?

53:15 Reddit's reaction when Monte tries to hook Brian Kibler into LoR


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