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LoR Weekly Watch March 22 – March 28

This week Shadawx checks tournament results of the week, checking out the front page of ladder decks, and more!

Hey everyone, Shadawx here with the Weekly Watch. This week we have tournament results of the week, checking out the front page of ladder decks, and more, coming up.

Ladder Watch 

With this week’s look at America’s ladder, the decks we can see on the front page (in order) are:

  • Bilge YiA ,
  • Trundle Lissandra Matron Control,
  • Fae YiA Demacia,
  • Scouts,
  • Taliyah Ziggs Noxus,
  • Rumble Draven,
  • Papercraft Gnar Akshan.

A few decks to talk about!

Bilgewater YiA deck features Twisted Fate and Miss Fortune as the champions, and Marai Warden being the only other Bilgewater card.

Making a comeback we see Trundle Lissandra Matron Control, a deck that was a bit more popular a few metas ago, and now seems to be doing pretty well into the field.

And lastly we have both Taliyah Ziggs Noxus and Draven Rumble, two aggro/burn decks that take advantage of going wide against decks like Pantheon, or going through weaker units with Absolver or Might and then finish it off with burn cards.

Tournament Watch

We had the Mastering Runeterra $200 Sunday Showdown, where Codemanjack took home the win. They went with a lineup of Zoe Lee Sin, Lulu Fizz PnZ YiA, and Draven Rumble!

For the other Mastering Runeterra weeklies, this week we had the one on Wednesday once again won by Davebo on their lineup of Yuumi Pantheon, Fae YiA Demacia, and Jayce Lux.

And, on Friday, AzureSparrow won with their lineup of Zoe Lux Aphelios, Taliyah Malphite, and Jayce Elise.

On the other side of the Atlantic, GenesisCCG took the Thursday EU weekly running Sivir Akshan, Fae YiA Demacia, and Lulu Fizz PnZ YiA.

The Mystic Shot Podcast’s Tuesday weekly, had Mafia’s mati24mayo take home the win. The winning lineup here was Caitlyn Ezreal, Sivir Akshan, and Bandle Tree!

Giant Slayer’s Fight Night had FloppyMudkip win the Americas' confrontation with Pantheon Yuumi, Draven Vi Sion, and Bandle Gnar Sejuanni, while the EMEA’s winner was first-timer Jocund with Sivir Akshan, Fae YiA Demacia, and Scouts. Finally, Brazil had Wombats Trivo take the win with Sivir Akshan, Lulu Fizz PnZ YiA, and Fae YiA Demacia!

Taking a look at the winning lineups this week, we see quite a few lineups – like Codemanjack’s and FloppyMudkip’s – trying to target the Demacia decks. Draven Rumble or Draven Sion can apply enough pressure to finish it off with burn, before the Demacia decks can build a stable board to swing with, while Floppy’s Sejuani deck is really good to just turbo-level Sejuani and keep the board frozen to prevent a big attack.

I guess we’ll have to see if the meta continues to have Demacia/YiA lineups vs Anti Demacia/YiA lineups, or will we see something else emerge?

Upcoming Tournaments

So we have our usual weekly tournaments: Giant Slayer’s Fight Night – Americas on Monday, Brazil on Thursday, and EMEA on Friday. Mystic Shot Podcast on Tuesday at 8:30pm EST for Americas. Mastering Runeterra’s weeklies will be taking a break for a bit until after the new patch hits.

In Closing

That’ll wrap it up for this week’s LoR Weekly Watch. One week left until the new balance patch. A few streamers like Aikado and XxWhatAmIxX have been going over some balance changes that they want to see, so take a look at what they’re saying and see if you agree with their thoughts. Let me know some of the changes you’d like to see in the comments or on twitter!

Thanks for reading and watching!

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