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Fizz Lulu Yordles in Arms (BC/PZ) - A Deck You Shouldn’t Be Forgetting About

Card Gamer breaks down the often-forgotten Fizz Lulu Yordles in Arms, recently remembered and boasting impressive results

Hey, it’s Card Gamer bringing you a deck guide on the successor to the original Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms deck: FizzFizz LuluLulu (BC/PZ). 

Fizz Lulu (or Fizz Lulu PoppyPoppy back in the day) has been a personal pet deck of mine since the release of Bandle City.

Every season of the Bandle City expansion, Fizz Lulu has been an underrated deck sporting an impressive spread across the field. This season alone, I have used this deck to get Masters and win a tournament.

Fizz Lulu is an extremely flexible aggro deck with lots of value. The deck supports two plans of attack to beat down your opponent: using Lulu’s support effect on Flame Chompers!Flame Chompers! to control your opponent's board and take favorable trades, or going wide very quickly with efficient swarm and discard synergies into casting Yordles in Arms.

Due to playing a lot of cards that create other cards, or cards that cycle, Fizz Lulu maintains its card advantage much better than other aggro decks. These two aspects combined give Fizz Lulu strong matchups versus most decks that aren’t control strategies.

The list below is my preferred version, but this list (link) is the most stock version of Fizz Lulu.

Piltover & Zaun
17 cards
23 cards
22 500
Mana cost
Zaunite Urchin
Zaunite Urchin
Bomber Twins
Bomber Twins
Boom Baboon
Boom Baboon
Flame Chompers!
Flame Chompers!
Bandle City Mayor
Bandle City Mayor
Loping Telescope
Loping Telescope
Yordle Captain
Yordle Captain
Poro Cannon
Poro Cannon
Mystic Shot
Mystic Shot
Pokey Stick
Pokey Stick
Get Excited!
Get Excited!
Yordles in Arms
Yordles in Arms
Open deck in builder

3x Poro CannonPoro Cannon

Poro Cannon is one of the best cards for the deck.

Discarding a Flame Chompers!Flame Chompers! for free is a massive tempo swing. Additionally, the Poros synergize very well with LuluLulu, Yordle CaptainYordle Captain, and Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms . The Daring PoroDaring Poros can also function as a one drop.

2x FizzFizz

Fizz is a one-drop and two regions to help activate the +4/+4 clause on Yordle In Arms. In some matchups the ability to get the Elusive keyword and dodge targeted spells can matter a lot as well.

It’s important to remember that this is not a Fizz deck – Fizz is just a one-drop and two regions for our Yordle In Arms.

3x Zaunite UrchinZaunite Urchin

One-drop, cycles, and synergizes with Flame Chompers. Can’t ask for much else.

2x ScrapheapScrapheap

Most of the time this just serves as the fourth copy of Poro Cannon to enable the Lulu Chompers combo on turn three.

The Mecha-Yordles that ScrapheapScrapheap can create are often quite powerful, and can find us another region to activate Yordle in Arms. 

2x Bomber TwinsBomber Twins

Bomber Twins serve three purposes. They count as Shurima and Bandle City to activate Yordle in Arms, they create a landmark (these are often used as discard fodder, but some landmarks can be quite valuable), and they have three power.

3x Flame Chompers!Flame Chompers!

Flame Chompers! is one of the main reasons why this deck is so strong.

Most of the deck is Discard synergies (Poro Cannon, Scrapheap, Zaunite Urchin), and cards that buff our units (Lulu, Yordle Captain, Yordles in Arms) – Flame Chompers synergizes insanely well with these cards, allowing us to take control of the board or push massive damage.

3x Boom BaboonBoom Baboon

Three power, and generates Chompers.

When attacking second, Boom Baboon is generally better than Flame Chompers in the opening hand. It is a solid turn-two play and there is extra time to discard the Chompers before we attack with Lulu.

3x Loping TelescopeLoping Telescope

While Loping Telescope is not a very aggressive card, it plays a very valuable role in the deck.

Besides just providing lots of value, Loping Telescope counts as two regions for Yordles in Arms, and has a very high chance of finding a third region for the Yordle in Arms activation condition. These two aspects make Loping Telescope essential for the deck.

2x Mystic ShotMystic Shot

Burn or spot removal, just a good flexible card.

3x Pokey StickPokey Stick

More burn or spot removal, that also draws us a card, so it’s a 3x.

2x Bandle City MayorBandle City Mayor

Bandle City Mayor was a 3x before, but with his nerf – limiting his discount to only apply to one multi-region unit a turn – he was bumped down to a 2x.

He is not ideal to play on turn three with the attack token. But, he can provide lots of value through Manifesting a multi-region follower and demanding removal – if he isn’t removed quickly, the discount will start to add up.

Mana can be tight in this deck, and having Mayor down for a turn or two can make the difference between a five- or six-units wide Yordles in Arms.

3x LuluLulu

LuluLulu is the star of the show. She provides two regions for activating our Yordle in Arms, and provides incredible synergy when utilizing her support effect on Flame Chompers!Flame Chompers!

Lulu and Flame Chompers will allow you to interact with your opponents key early units and take board control. Lulu can also be used to support other small units to represent devastating attacks –  this is especially useful when you create cards that generate cards on attack (like Dunehopper MechDunehopper Mech, Poro SledPoro Sled, or Emperor's Dais).

3x Get Excited!Get Excited!

Burn or spot removal, and has discard synergy with our Flame Chompers. 

3x Yordle CaptainYordle Captain

The release of Yordle Captain was one of the best things to happen to this deck.

Due to the deck list consisting of small and cheap units, Yordle Captain will grant +1/+1 to every unit played while the Captain is on board. Additionally, it is quite easy to go six units wide on turn five after playing Yordle Captain the turn prior.

The buff he provides allows your Chompers to threaten x/1s, makes your board generally harder to trade with, and will keep your board out of Withering WailWithering Wail range. All of this is extremely beneficial to the deck's gameplan.

3x Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms

Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms is what turns this deck from a pile of cards into a very reliable aggro deck.

This card is our most reliable way to close the game. When you cast Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms , each of your units (besides Flame Chompers!) will represent at least 5 damage to the enemy. This will push massive amounts of damage and let you close with burn, or it will force your opponent to trade down their board and have to rebuild before your next open attack. 

Other Tech Options

Treasured TrashTreasured Trash

Treasured Trash is a card I find especially useful versus control. It shines in long, grindy matchups where you need big bombs to draw into in the late game when your hand starts to get low in resources. Currently there aren’t many of these decks on ladder or in tournaments and thus I don’t find Treasured Trash necessary. 

Yordle PortalYordle Portal

Yordle Portal can be an extremely powerful card, allowing us to go two units wide at burst speed if we discard a Flame Chompers. This is especially powerful if followed up by a Yordles in Arms. However, the unit the Yordle Portal creates is often mediocre and the card is quite expensive.

Spirit PortalSpirit Portal

Spirit Portal was a card I experimented with for a little bit at the beginning of this expansion. The card is not phenomenal in this strategy, but allowing you to buff your board out of Withering WailWithering Wail range at focus speed for a turn-six Yordles in Arms could certainly be relevant in some fields.

General Gameplan

When playing Fizz Lulu there are two general gameplans, which I will refer to as “Lulu Chompers” and “Bandle Swarm”.

Both of these gameplans are effective ways to win a game and most powerful when used together. Recognizing which gameplan to actively play towards based on the matchup and starting hand is what separates the good and the great Fizz Lulu players.

Lulu Chompers

The Lulu Chompers game plan is exactly what it sounds like, and is generally the best way for Fizz Lulu to deal with small Demacia decks and other aggro decks.

LuluLulu’s Support ability on Flame Chompers!Flame Chompers! on turns three or four will allow you to pick off a key unit from your opponent's board. Oftentimes by turn three or four your opponent will only have one unit with 3 power, allowing Lulu to survive for another attack. This will lead to scenarios where your Lulu Chompers combo kills multiple units, and demands multiple cards to answer.

Being able to manage your opponent's board to not get raced down, and trading up in resources through the Lulu Chompers combo, is often enough for Fizz Lulu to win these board-centric and aggro matchups.

Bandle Swarm

The Bandle Swarm game plan consists of spamming the board with our cheap units and discard synergies, then casting a Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms to go over the top.

Ideally you will cast Yordle in Arms on turn five or six for lethal, or to put them into burn range for the following turn, but sometimes the Bandle Swarm game plan ends up being a lot slower.

With hands that have Yordle CaptainYordle Captain, consider slowing down the pace of the game to establish a Yordle Captain if you have the time. The extra value from Yordle Captain’s +1/+1 buff does a lot for your deck’s small units.

Additionally, it is quite easy to fill your entire board the turn after you play the Yordle Captain. This is especially true if your hand has a Flame Chompers!Flame Chompers! and Poro CannonPoro Cannon.

The Bandle Swarm game plan is generally going to work best versus decks that have good answers to Lulu on turn three or four, and decks that have units that are too big for Lulu Chompers to handle effectively, like PantheonPantheon.

Going around these decks is often much easier than trying to go through them with a Lulu Chompers gameplan. The same mana that was spent on Lulu could have been spent playing two-four units. Versus decks that rely on single target removal, or a deck that goes tall like Pantheon, going wide and setting up for a Yordles in Arms will often be a more reliable path to victory. 

Tying it Together

These game plans are not mutually exclusive – the deck functions at its highest power level when both game plans are working in tandem.

However, it is important to note the differences in these gameplans, because it will be important when we discuss the mulligan and it will affect the play patterns you go for in game.

For example, let’s say it’s turn one, I have the attack token, and my hand after mulligan is:

 Fizz Lulu Boom Baboon Yordles in Arms Loping Telescope

If I’m vs SivirSivir AkshanAkshan or TristanaTristana Demacia, I will think really hard about playing Fizz on my first turn – and, most of the time, I won’t play Fizz here.

This is because I really want to give myself every opportunity to enable my Lulu Chompers gameplan. Currently I have to play Boom Baboon to gain access to a Flame Chompers! in my hand. If I play Baboon on turn two, and Lulu on turn three, I now have five cards (3x Poro CannonPoro Cannon, 2x ScrapheapScrapheap), rather than just three, that I can draw to enable my Lulu Chompers gameplan on turn three.

On the other hand, if I’m vs PantheonPantheon I will always play Fizz on turn one for chip damage. This is because the units in the Pantheon deck will get too big to be effectively dealt with by the Lulu Chompers combo, and my hand doesn’t currently enable the Lulu Chompers game plan for turn three.

In this position, I would much rather plan to go as wide as possible for a Yordle in Arms on turn five, and the chip damage can certainly be relevant.

Tips, Tricks, and Other Intricacies

Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms

Yordle in Arms is a card that requires four different regions to be played, in order to increase the buff it grants from +2/+2 to +4/+4.

With the current way the deck is built, you will always have played a Piltover & Zaun card by the time you are ready to use Yordles in Arms. This is important to note, because this is not the case in TristanaTristana Demacia Yordle in Arms.

This also means that we will almost always have Yordle in Arms online by turn four or five. Any two different multi-region cards will activate Yordle in Arms – Loping TelescopeLoping Telescope has a good chance of activating Yordles in Arms all by itself, and even Bomber TwinsBomber Twins can activate Yordles in Arms on its own.

I will almost always keep Yordles in Arms in my starting hand, even if it’s the only card I keep. Besides not having to worry much about if Yordles in Arms is activated, it is also the deck’s best win condition. as it is also this deck's best win condition. Also, when playing against decks with Aloof TravelersAloof Travelers, heavily consider manifesting cards that cost 6+ in order to keep your Yordles in Arms protected from the discard effect.

Dealing With a Six-Units-Wide Board

If you have played a couple games of Yordle in Arms, you have probably ran into a spot where you want to cast your one copy of Yordles in Arms in hand to finish the game, but your opponent has a board just as wide as yours to chump down and take no damage.

Unlike the Demacia variants of Yordles in Arms, we can’t Rally after our attack to close the game. In this spot, you have three ways to attempt to break through your opponent's board, and you will have to figure out which one is the best based on your hand and the  game state.

The first option is to cast Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms and force your opponent to trade down their board. You can then try and use this board advantage to present a lethal swing on your next attack. This is generally best when you are light on units.

The second option is to force your opponent to trade down their board first, then you refill and cast Yordles in Arms on your next attack. This is best when you think you have access to more units than your opponent.

The third option is to go around them. This can be done by using burn as removal on the stack at the same time as you cast Yordle in Arms, or through Elusives. Versus decks with pings, it is best to try and get a Yordle Captain down before you cast Yordle in Arms with a board full of Daring PoroDaring Poros.

Recognize when to trade units

One thing you may hear other strong Fizz Lulu players say about the deck is that it is more of a combo deck than an aggro deck.

This is due to the deck's ability to quickly fill the board with cheap units, pump their stats, and push devastating attacks – usually with Yordles in Arms, but a Yordle CaptainYordle Captain can get the job done too. Depending on your hand, the matchup, and the board state, you will need to assess if it’s correct to trade your unit and look to refill, or if it’s correct to take the damage and leverage your wide board.

There are some general indicators I use to determine if I will trade or not:

  • If I can refill my board again before I cast Yordles in Arms on my next token, I will look to trade.
  • If I have a Yordle Captain in hand or on board, I will look to trade.
  • If I think I can refill my board faster than my opponent can for my next attack, I will look to trade.
  • If I have a damaged unit vs a Ravenous FlockRavenous Flock deck, I will look to trade my damaged units.
  • When my hand is low on units, when I don’t have time to refill my board before I cast Yordles in Arms, and when I can’t refill my board as fast as my opponent are going to be the times when I don’t want to trade away my board.

Mulligan Advice

The hardest part of FizzFizz LuluLulu is by far the mulligan.

I will either want to look for a hand that enables my Lulu Chompers gameplan, or a hand that enables a Bandle Swarm gameplan. In a Lulu Chompers match up I will often look for a LuluLulu, a Flame Chompers!Flame Chompers! or Boom BaboonBoom Baboon, and a way to discard the Chompers for the first token I can attack with Lulu.

It is very important to plan a way to get the Chompers to attack with Lulu on the first turn you can attack with her. This means, if you attack on turn three and your opening hand is:

 Lulu Boom Baboon Scrapheap Zaunite Urchin

... you should mulligan away the Zaunite Urchin if you are going for a Lulu Chompers gameplan. This hand doesn’t have time to play Zaunite Urchin until turn four with a Lulu Chompers gameplan.

In match ups where you want to go for a Bandle Swarm gameplan, you will want your opening hand to consist of either a Yordle CaptainYordle Captain or Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms (in a matchup like The Bandle TreeThe Bandle Tree I will consider keeping both), and plenty of cheap units to quickly flood the board.

In a matchup where I want to play for swarm or don’t need Lulu Chompers to manage the opponent's board, I will always keep a copy of Yordles in Arms. Even if it’s the only card I keep. 

It is important to note that sometimes you will get hands that facilitate both the Bandle Swarm and Lulu Chompers gameplan. These are the ideal hands you are looking for in the mulligan. For example, I would keep a hand that consists of:

 Lulu Boom Baboon Scrapheap Yordles in Arms

in almost any match up. This hand can enable my Lulu Chompers gameplan on either token, and Scrapheap will likely activate Yordles in Arms. 

The last bit of mulligan advice I can give is to play along with the hand the game is giving you. It is important to recognize the path to victory that your opening hand is providing you, even if it isn’t the ideal path to victory for the matchup. 

Specific Matchup Advice:

PantheonPantheon/YuumiYuumi (Favored):

Key Cards: Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms , One-drops, LuluLulu, Loping TelescopeLoping Telescope

When playing against Pantheon I will always try to employ a Bandle Swarm game plan because the Lulu Chompers combo doesn’t effectively threaten their Fated units, especially if they have played YuumiYuumi or a Zenith BladeZenith Blade on said unit.

This is not to say I am unhappy to get an early Lulu and Flame Chompers!Flame Chompers!, just that I will use them differently. In this matchup I will use my Chompers to pull their biggest unit to the side, and utilize Lulu’s support effect on my next weakest unit in order to push as much damage as I can. 

This matchup often becomes a race between your swarm and burn versus their big overwhelm unit and Golden AegisGolden Aegis or CataclysmCataclysm. Due to this I will take trades early on that are guaranteed to resolve, for example most of the time it is correct to trade with their Mountain GoatMountain Goat if they swing on turn 2. As Fizz/Lulu, you will almost always be able to play more units faster than the Pantheon player.

Loping Telescope can be especially important in this matchup, due to being able to Manifest a few key Celestial cards – The SerpentThe Serpent, EquinoxEquinox, and Crescent StrikeCrescent Strike are especially impactful –  and being great at activating the +4/+4 condition on Yordles in Arms. When using Equinox on a Fated unit, make sure to wait until your opponent invests a Zenith BladeZenith Blade on it. 

If you attack on even turns, be aware of turn-four Yordle in Arms lines of play, they are quite good in this matchup.

Scouts (Slightly Favored):

Key Cards: LuluLulu, Flame Chompers!Flame Chompers! or Boom BaboonBoom Baboon, Get Excited!Get Excited!, Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms ; if attacking on odd turns Poro CannonPoro Cannon or ScrapheapScrapheap, if attacking on even turns Poro Cannon or Scrapheap or Zaunite UrchinZaunite Urchin

Versus Scouts I always want to try and use a Lulu Chompers game plan. Scouts is a very board-centric deck and our Lulu Chompers combo will be able to effectively deal with any unit they play for the first four turns.

When setting up your Lulu Chompers combo, be careful when putting your Chompers on the board before the turn you plan to attack with them – they may get picked off by a challenger unit.

Scouts don't have an effective answer to Yordles in Arms. For Demacia!For Demacia! is their best response, but For Demacia costs one more mana and gives +1/+1 less stats. 

The most common way to lose this matchup is to not be able to trade effectively and then losing board control. It’s even okay to let Miss FortuneMiss Fortune stay alive if it isn’t affecting your ability to trade. 

SivirSivir/AkshanAkshan (Favored):

Key Cards: LuluLulu, Flame Chompers!Flame Chompers! or Boom BaboonBoom Baboon, Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms ; if attacking on odd turns Poro CannonPoro Cannon or ScrapheapScrapheap, if attacking on even turns Poro Cannon or Scrapheap or Zaunite UrchinZaunite Urchin

Sivir/Akshan is another matchup where I try to use a Lulu Chompers gameplan.

The fact that Lulu Chompers can threaten both of their champions makes the matchup very difficult for the Sivir Akshan player. I will try to play this matchup similarly to the Scouts matchup, but it is quite a bit easier since Sivir Akshan has a slightly harder time racing us down. Much like against Scouts, be careful of playing your Chompers into your opponent's challenger units and Vulnerable effects.

When attacking on odds, a common sequence on turn three is playing Lulu and our opponent responding with a Merciless HunterMerciless Hunter granting Lulu Vulnerable. If my opponent has any other unit on the board, I will often use the Flame Chompers to drag the other unit and preserve my Chompers – I don’t want them to die for free, and Lulu is marked for death with the Vulnerable tag anyway, so I am very happy to trade Lulu for Merciless there.

The opponent will most likely remove Lulu in a value trade next turn if it has Vulnerable, so I would like to force the trades on my terms.

TristanaTristana Demacia (Favored):

Key Cards: LuluLulu, Flame Chompers!Flame Chompers! or Boom BaboonBoom Baboon, Mystic ShotMystic Shot, Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms , Zaunite UrchinZaunite Urchin, FizzFizz, Poro CannonPoro Cannon

Another small Demacia deck, another Lulu Chompers gameplan.

Versus this deck we are also allowed to more liberally set up our Lulu Chompers game plan in the first few turns because these lists, currently, don’t run Challenger units.

Mystic Shot is an important card here, to remove their Grandfather Fae – we need to quickly remove Grandpa to prevent their Hungry OwlcatHungry Owlcats from growing to 3 attack and efficiently trading into Lulu, and prevent a turn-three Gleaming LanternGleaming Lantern from trading with our Chompers.

If we can keep our Lulu & Chompers on the board, it is very hard for the opponent to make TristanaTristana or GnarGnar stick.

It isn’t that important to remove their Gleaming Lantern, by the way. The fact that Gleaming Lantern can trade with Lulu is more relevant than its discount. 

Mirror (Even):

Key Cards: LuluLulu, Get Excited!Get Excited!, Flame Chompers!Flame Chompers! or Boom BaboonBoom Baboon, Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms , Loping TelescopeLoping Telescope, Zaunite UrchinZaunite Urchin, Yordle CaptainYordle Captain

Like most mirror matches in this game, the Fizz Lulu mirror comes down to a game of attrition. If one player has an insane hand they can run away with the game, but generally the match is won through slowly accruing a lead.

This can be done in a few ways. Getting Lulu Chompers online is a great way to start building a board advantage – however, the opponent should be looking for Get Excited!Get Excited! in order to remove your Lulu Chompers combo (and you should look for a Get Excited! for their Lulu).

Yordle Captain’s +1/+1 buff is a great way to generate a lead. However, it is important to not take too much early chip damage from the opponent’s early swarm with a Yordle Captain hand, and to have an answer to their Lulu Chompers as it is their best answer to Yordle Captain.

Yordles in Arms is a great way to instantly create a lot of value – if the opponent can't respond with their own Yordles in Arms, they are forced to chump-block with their board or use a lot of burn on the stack to remove units. While Yordles in Arms is the best way to close the game in the mirror, be careful when keeping it in your starting hand because sometimes the opponent will have a very aggressive opening that kills you before you can set up a good Yordles in Arms turn.

The Bandle TreeThe Bandle Tree (Favored):

Key Cards: Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms , Yordle CaptainYordle Captain, Loping TelescopeLoping Telescope, Bandle City MayorBandle City Mayor, LuluLulu, Poro CannonPoro Cannon, FizzFizz

Against The Bandle Tree I will try to use a Bandle Swarm game plan –  ideally, we can go a bit slower and play Yordle Captain on turn four.

The Captain is extremely effective in this matchup: he takes at least two cards or a MinimorphMinimorph to remove, and we are pretty okay to demand these resources from our opponent, especially if one of the cards was a Group ShotGroup Shot or a Pokey StickPokey Stick.

If the Yordle Captain stays around, his +1/+1 buff will be devastating, making it extremely difficult for your opponent to trade efficiently with your board.

Additionally, one of their best lines to survive the turn you cast Yordles in Arms is to save all of their ping effects for that turn. This is especially crucial for the Tree player if you are casting Yordles in Arms with Elusive units, as The Bandle Tree has a difficult time interacting with those units. If the Captain sticks around and the Bandle Tree player can’t ping your units down when you cast Yordles in Arms, it should be quite easy to close the game from there.

Lulu is good in this matchup, but most current versions of Bandle Tree are on 3 copies of Buster ShotBuster Shot, so Lulu will often just die on turn 3 or 4 when she is played. I would rather set up a good swarm turn than try going for the Lulu Chompers gameplan.

I will still keep Yordles in Arms in this matchup, but I will look to keep or find an expensive Manifested card in order to protect my Yordles in Arms from Aloof TravelersAloof Travelers. Any card more expensive than Yordles in Arms is a good pick, even if the card is unplayable – taking Ascended’s Rise off Telescope in this matchup has won me a game specifically for this reason.

Darkness (Unfavored):

Key Cards: Yordle CaptainYordle Captain, LuluLulu, Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms , Boom BaboonBoom Baboon or Flame Chompers!Flame Chompers!, Loping TelescopeLoping Telescope, Mystic ShotMystic Shot, Bandle City MayorBandle City Mayor, FizzFizz, ScrapheapScrapheap

The Darkness matchup is the only matchup I run into where I actually feel unfavored. However, with the way current Darkness lists are being built – cutting back on Withering WailWithering Wail and ping effects in general –  Fizz/Lulu has a much better matchup versus Darkness this season than previous seasons. 

Yordle Captain is the most important card here. Getting a Yordle Captain to keep your units out of ping range is extremely important, since standard Darkness lists will play at least six copies of ping effects. Captain is especially effective against Vile FeastVile Feast, which is a card that can very easily be a 2-for-1 against our deck due to our high density of x/1 units. It is not uncommon for me to pass until turn 4 and play Yordle Captain as my first card in this match up, if my opponent doesn’t want to play a card first.

Mystic Shot is a good keep to deal with their Twisted CatalyzerTwisted Catalyzer. If we are able to prevent their Darkness from getting to three damage we are in a very good spot – three-damage Darkness threatens to kill Lulu on its own, and threatens to kill Yordle Captain in combination with a ping. 

Lulu Chompers is great in this matchup to threaten their SennaSenna and VeigarVeigar, and to trade well with Stilted RobemakerStilted Robemaker. I don’t think that enabling the Lulu Chompers combo ASAP is too important in this matchup, though –  I would much rather delay getting this combo online for a turn if it means I can play a Yordle Captain first.

These matches tend to go long. High-value cards that can be a bit slower like the Bandle City Mayor, Loping Telescope, or the Mecha-Yordles from Scrapheap can be especially strong in this matchup.

GnarGnar/ZiggsZiggs Burn (Favored):

Key Cards: LuluLulu, Boom BaboonBoom Baboon, Bomber TwinsBomber Twins, Flame Chompers!Flame Chompers!, Bomber TwinsBomber Twins, FizzFizz, Zaunite UrchinZaunite Urchin, Poro CannonPoro Cannon

Versus any aggro deck I will always try to use a Lulu Chompers gameplan.

Aggro is also the only matchup I don’t care to keep Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms – I'd rather fill my board quickly, getting Lulu and Chompers down ASAP, and getting three-power units to trade with Stone StackersStone Stackers and Fearsome units.

Yordles in Arms is great to close the game, but it is important to stay healthy in this matchup. Trading down the board and using Lulu & Chompers is the best way to do so – this strat is especially effective versus aggro decks as it will always threaten their level-one champions.

There are two ways that a loss versus Gnar/Ziggs tends to happen. Either they go too wide early, swarming us with one-drops and we don’t have a good response, or we take bad trades and get out-valued. It’s very important to note that health is a resource and it will  sometimes be correct to give up some HP to maintain value.

Lurk (Favored):

Key Cards: Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms , FizzFizz, Poro CannonPoro Cannon, Loping TelescopeLoping Telescope, LuluLulu, Boom BaboonBoom Baboon or Flame Chompers!Flame Chompers!, Zaunite UrchinZaunite Urchin

The most effective way to beat Lurk is through a Bandle Swarm game plan. This is especially effective with Elusives because PykePyke, Bone SkewerBone Skewer, and Jaull-fishJaull-fish are the only ways for Lurk to interact with our Elusive units on our turn.

Most Lurk lists aren’t currently running Rite of NegationRite of Negation, so Yordles in Arms is especially effective against them as well.

The ways you lose to Lurk are them getting multiple Pykes, or not being able to kill them before the Lurk player goes over us with Overwhelm units. It’s important to remember that Lurk can only deal damage to the Nexus through attacking – don’t be afraid to go down very low on health if you can set up a lethal attack on your next turn.

CaitlynCaitlyn/EzrealEzreal Tri-Beam (Slightly Favored):

Key Cards: Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms , Loping TelescopeLoping Telescope, FizzFizz, Boom BaboonBoom Baboon, Zaunite UrchinZaunite Urchin, LuluLulu, Yordle CaptainYordle Captain

This is a matchup where I will always try to win through Bandle Swarm.

Lulu is very effective against their deck, but they have so many ways to remove her that it’s a bit of a pipe dream to enable a Lulu Chompers combo in this matchup early on. A turn five or six Yordles in Arms is the most effective way to win this matchup. If the game goes on much longer, it becomes a lot easier for the Tri-Beam player to kill off multiple units when you cast Yordles in Arms, and then follow up with a play that handles two units.

Caitlyn’s Flash Bombs and Ezreal’s generated Mystic Shots can cause a problem for us, especially because it can be hard to enable Lulu Chompers. Due to this I will often consider keeping a Get Excited!Get Excited! in the matchup.

TrundleTrundle/GnarGnar Timelines (Even):

Key Cards: Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms , Loping TelescopeLoping Telescope, LuluLulu, FizzFizz, Poro CannonPoro Cannon, Boom BaboonBoom Baboon or Flame Chompers!Flame Chompers!

Fizz/Lulu is technically slightly unfavored vs Timelines – 48% according to Masters’ data – but after scrimming and discussing this matchup more for this guide I actually think the matchup is even.

It is important to apply pressure quickly in the mid game in this matchup, because the game gets a lot harder when the opponent gets access to Buried in IceBuried in Ice, It That StaresIt That Stares, and Ice PillarIce Pillar.

When playing against Trundle/Gnar Timelines I will often try to go for a Bandle Swarm gameplan, ideally casting my Yordles in Arms on turn five or six – this is important because at that point your opponent won’t be able to stop your Yordles in Arms with Buried in Ice, and then obliterate your entire board with It That Stares.

Additionally, if they do cast Buried in Ice in response to a turn-six Yordles in Arms, all of your units will come back with the +4/+4 buff. That's why I like to try and use Elusive units when I play Yordles in Arms in this matchup: Timelines is a deck that lacks natural access to Elusive units, so if they have to use Buried in Ice to stall the Yordles in Arms turn, they most likely won’t be able to create blockers for your giant Elusives.

Having constant pressure from Bandle Swarm also makes it harder for the opponent to execute their gameplan, as they will be on the defensive.

Lulu Chompers are great for creating some tempo and board control in this matchup. Unfortunately, this plan often doesn’t do enough to close the game and the opponent has a decent amount of removal for Lulu. 

Yordle CaptainYordle Captain can be a bit slow here, and one versus two health on Elusives is relatively minor in this matchup because the only ping they have are Gnar’s generated Pokey Sticks.

Loping Telescope is crucial  to create Aloof TravelersAloof Travelers fodder and help activate the +4/+4 clause on Yordles in Arms. I am happy to keep Loping Telescope in this matchup because I am also aggressively looking for Yordles in Arms to set up my turn five or six Yordles in Arms play.

Closing Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this in-depth breakdown!

I believe that FizzFizz LuluLulu is one of the best, if not the best, deck to be playing on ladder and in a tournament setting. The deck is extremely powerful and all of its bad matchups are nearly non-existent in the current field. If this deck dodges nerfs in the big balance patch on March 30th, this is a deck you will want to be proficient on. Or you might just want to take that free LP and tournament glory before the nerfs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this deck guide. If you have any questions about the deck or suggestions, feel free to reach out over Twitter,, or over Discord, Card Gamer #6777.


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