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Squadcast #29: Hotfixes, New LoR Meta, and Sentinels 2v2

Hotfixes, the new meta, and the Sentinels $1,850 two-versus-two League!

Hotfixes and the New LoR Meta

This week, MonteXristo and the usual suspects discuss last week's surprise hotfix, how it has shifted things in the Legends of Runeterra metagame, and which decks are coming on top on the LoR ladder. Here's the full episode of this week's Squadcast #29:

Sentinels $1,850 2v2 League

In this week's podcast, the Squad also dives into the upcoming Sentinels Tournament, a brand-new Two-versus-Two league launching January 13th, where sixty-four duos will battle, across six weeks, for a $1,850 prize pool:

Disclaimer: the Sentinels league has no affiliation to Mastering Runeterra in any capacity โ€“ you may find a familiar, dashingly handsome face casting the playoffs, though... =)

Sentinels will be streamed at and will kick off on Jan 13th, 7 pm EST.

Hope you enjoyed this Squadcast episode, and good luck out there!