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Bone Club Rules – A Freljord Darius Deck Guide

If this is your first rodeo at Bone Club, you *have* to read this guide: Freljord Darius Overwhelm, unleashed and explained by the Aspect of Overwhelm himself: RickoRex!

Hey, RickoRex here! 2023 started with a new Overwhelming banger: the Freljord Darius deck. The Hand of Noxus made a comeback to prove his worth in the LoR meta, and as one of the highest win-rate decks in Runeterra, he quickly rose to the top of our Tier List.

Freljord Darius has made recurring appearances on the LoR ladder ever since its first success in 2020, sometimes paired with Draven or Trundle. His past versions have consistently been strong and worked in many different metas; the previous notable pairing in 2022 was Gnar (Gnarius), which added Bone ClubBone Club to the list and set a new standard for Overwhelm decks.

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