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Sunburn – A Katarina Leona Deck Guide

… and now the circle is complete. For his first MaRu article Trinathan presents his creation, which is burning down the LoR Ladder: Katarina Leona, aka Sunburn.

KatarinaKatarina LeonaLeona, aka Sunburn, is a fresh take on Noxus aggro from DecimateDecimate addict Trinathan. Always trying to find new ways to throw axes at face, this brew came out of nowhere, essentially by accident (or, as he says, from spite). It’s been less than a week since Kat Leona's birth, but the deck has carved a respectable slice of the Legends of Runeterra meta, becoming one of the best LoR decks with close to nine thousand games at the time of this writing, and holding one of the highest overall win rates.

We hope you enjoy this deck guide by the deck's creator himself.

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