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Uncle Herko's Tips – LoR Matchup Data

Ye bein' a bit lost when lookin' fer LoR matchup data? Worry not, kiddo! Good Ol' Uncle Herko will show ye all t' best places to look fer 'em crunchy numbers.

Hooo wee!

Well well well, look what them tides be bringin’… howdy again, kiddo!

Ye be comin’ back fer more fishin’ tips from Uncle Herko, aye? Glad ye liked the first handful of tricks yer good ol’ Uncle shared with ya

He he heee…

… well, yer timin’ be perfect, lemme tells ya! With this weather, perfect time t’ go fishin’ fer Matchups.

Sneaky lot, them Matchups tables! But yer Uncle be knowin’ where t’ find t’ best o’ them.

Come, come.

The tides, them are a-changing. Let’s be rowin’ — come!





MaRu’s Majestic Mangrove

A’ight, first we be rowin’ to MaRu’s Majestic Mangrove. Keep yer eyes up… aye, over yonder, at t’ top, ye should be seein’ two buttons we’ll be talkin’ about. Them be lookin’ like this…

… an’ we'll be checkin’ the Match Up (MU) Table first, but ye be keepin’ that Bo3 Ban Helper in mind, mkay? So, ye clicks the MU Table, an ye’ll be seein’ sumthin’ that be lookin’ like this:

He he heeee!

There ya go, Herko’s yer uncle! Easy peasy, aye?

This be one o’ them sneaky matchup tables. Yer deck be the column on t’ left. An’ yer foe be them decks at t’ top. So, yer piloting Gangplank Sejuani, ye bumps into Lux Jayce, yer odds be 62.9%, give or take. Ye bumps into Rally Elusives, well, yer odds be droppin’ to 45.5%.

Easy peasy, aye?

If ladderin’ be all ye be doin’, the yer all set…

… but ye ain’t lookin’ only at the ladder, ain’t ye?

He he heee…

… ye, an Uncle knows them kiddos. Ye wants a bit o’ rough ‘n’ tumble tourney action, aye? Not 'nuff being a Master, ye wants t' be crowned a proper Champ, am I right?


… we rows a bit t’ the right now. Ye kept in mind that Bo3 Ban Helper I tolds ye ‘bout, right? Ye clicks it, and ye gets…

… heeee he heee!!

Aye, aye, the ban helper ye be seein’ be all empty-like. The pic Uncle Herko is showin’ ya, that be filled with some random example yer good Uncle just pasted there. Ye fill it with whatevers ye thinks yer foe may be bringin’ to da tussle, aight? T’ da right ye be havin’ yer brews, on t’ top ye be havin’ yer foe’s brews. This lil’ helper even tells ya what deck ye should be bannin’.

Pretty nifty, aye?

Now, them Maru’s Mangrove MU Table, it be all fine ‘n’ dandy-like...

… but yer good Ol’ Uncle, he be a man o’ his word. Last time ye paid yer Uncle a visit, I did promise this time we be going t’ da deep end of the Bay an’ t’ Lake, didn’t I?

Off we rows, then, off to…




Balco’s Bountiful Bay

A’ight! We’ll be doin’ a bit o’ dippin’ into Balco’s Bountiful Bay first. If ye checks them Tools on t’ right, ye’ll be seein’ t’xact same Ban Helper as ye seen in MaRu’s Majestic Mangrove, so y’already knows how it be workin’.

What we’ll be doin’ now, we’ll be lookin’ for harder t’ find data. Keep them Archetypes to t’right in mind fer a bit, but first we be clickin’ in t’ Meta Report jus’ like we dids last time ye cames t’ visit yer Uncle…

… and when in t’ Meta Report ye scrolls down a bit…

… an’ a bit more, till ye finds a Matchup Table like this…

… which should be da same data as the MaRu Matchup Table, ‘cos all o’ them data-diggers get t’ same data from Riot, aye?


If ye now clicks on that handy dandy “More Data” button, ye’ll be lookin’ at something like this:

… but with them empty cells; the pic above be filled with some random decks yer good Ol’ Uncle be tossing there, t' use as example.

So, there ya goes: ye fills in yer decks, yer foes decks, ye gets t’ data. Bear in mind the rarer the brew, the smaller t’ data sample. An’ ye knows what they says ‘bout small data samples: a cheatin’, lyin’ lot, them are. Don’t be trustin’ them too much, aye?


… wut, feeling dizzy?

He he heeeee…

… yeah, that be called number-sick. Worry none, kiddo. It soon shall pass.

But man up an’ grit yer teeth, mkay? We ain’t done yet – we rows to t’ right…

… remembers the Tools button, with t’ fancy pull-down menu that I be askin’ ye t’ keep in minds before? Aye, nows t’ time t’ click on them Archetypes…

… ta daaaaa!!

Heeeeeee hehe heeee!!

Aye, this be t’ deepest part o’ Balco’s Bay. Now, be sure t’ either grit ‘em teeth hard, or lean overboard if yer feelin’ like yer guts be crawling up yer throat. Don’t want ye spillin’ yer lunch on me boat, mkay?

A’ight. Ye clicks on Archetypes, ye gets them Matchups. Be sure yer selectin’ the proper time frame ye wants, and the deck ye be wantin’ to pilot, and there ya goes: yer odds against them foes, fer yer browsin’ pleasure.

By t’ way, kiddo, since we’re here: be sure t’ click on t’ “Decklists” button…

… aaand here ye finds a prime fishin’ spot. Like, t’ best this side o’ the ocean; yer good Ol’ Uncle sure be havin’ a soft spot fer ya, eh?

Here ye can fish them different brews fer t’ same archetype. In t’ example above, them be all Gangplank Sejuani brews; but as ye can sees, them be a bit different from each other… or a lot different, sometimes. An’ with different winrates, of course!

Just be keepin’ in mind that t’ smaller the sample, the more it be cheatin’ and lyin’ t’ ya.

Ya, ya, ye takes yer time, yer Uncle gots all day, nay worry…

… ye checks t’ yer hearts content…

… oh, ye done already?

He he heeee…

… well, ‘cos we ain’t.

One more place we be stoppin’ by. Let’s visit…




Legna’s Luminous Lake


… now were goin’ t’ da deeper part. Ye man up an’ clicks on that MatchUps, mkay?

An’ when ye clicks there, ya be gettin’ somethin’ like this:

He he heee…

… don’t be spillin’ yer lunch on me boat, I tells ya!

A’ight, them lotsa things t’ be said ‘bout here, but we’ll be sayin’ just a few today, to keep things simple.

First, eyes up: choose yer data sample. Here, word o’ warning: Master players be them players that be sittin’ on Master rank right now. Plat+ players, them actually be “players that be reachin’ Masters on a previous season, but them bein’ too lazy to have reached Master this season, so them still at Plat or Diamond, them slothful bunch.” But of course that be a mouthful, so Legna be smart and he just be writing “Plat+”.

Anyways: ye chooses yer data sample, ye chooses yer deck. Uncle Herko be choosin’ Ganplank Sejuani fer this example. An’, see that red arrow on t’ left? Ye can be filterin’ how many games ye wants ‘gainst each foe. So this keeps them lyin’, backstabbin’ tiny data samples out, ye sees? Them can’t be lurin’ ya with their lies if ye ain’t listening t’ them, right?

Just like that Greek folk and them sirens, y’ know? Bright bunch o’ folks, them Greeks, lemme tells ya!

Anyways! Them blue matchups, them be t’ decks ye be hopin’ t’ bump into. Them red matchups, ye be prayin’ you don’ts.

Since yer a good kiddo, and ye be doin’ a damn fine job at keepin’ yer gut inside yer belly, Uncle Herko be showin’ you one last trick.

Ye can adds more than one deck if ye wants to, and same fer yer foe, like this…

… so, if ye be wantin’ to, ye can be checkin’ them Bo3 bans right here. Fer example, them Thralls we wants to be bannin’, an’ if our foe be smart them be bannin’ our Captain an’ Cardslinger. We still be underdogs in this example, by the way. Can ye sees why?


… them tides, they are a-changing. Time t’ rows us back to port, kiddo. Grit 'em teeth and hold on tight.


An’ here we are!

Back on dry land ye are, kiddo.

Safe an’ sound!

Now off ye goes, an’ ye be showin’ t' whole world what yer made of, ye hears?

Just keeps in mind: big brains and big cojones, that’s what Lady Luck likes.

Yer good Ol’ uncle, he be puttin’ them numbers in yer hands – now ye be puttin’ the rest, aye?


Go make yer Uncle proud!

And, any time ye comes to the Twitter docks, come say yer Ol’ Uncle Herko hi.

Or if ye have time for a long story, ye can stay around an’ listen to me ramblings for a while.

Cheers, kiddo, an’ good luck!