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Ep 108: Tag Team Tops - Mastering Runeterra Podcast ft; Hobbitsizz & ItsThatAshGuy

The Crew go over what led to Hobbitsizz winning the recent MR Open, and dig deep on what they consider and expect for this weekend's Eternal Open

Team Tops Tournament Two Times with Triple Timelines Lineup

We keep the guest train rolling with the team that topped and took down last weekend's Mastering Runeterra Open; Hobbitsizz and their teammate ItsThatAshGuy (who also top-8ed)! The crew talk about what led to their Triple Timelines lineup, thoughts on the nerf, and go deep on what decks they're considering for this weekend's Runeterra Open


0:00 Intro

0:43 Introductions: Hobbitsizz, itsthatashguy, and Aikado again!

1:33 The team that topped with Timelines and caused the hotfix

4:45 Nerf repercussions & prospective open lineups

13:44 What we expect; Is anything 'good'?

17:40 Poppy Lulu; sleeper OP?

20:40 What goes with Samira Seraphine?

23:55 Katarina Yasuo is a strong deck

25:27 Targon PnZ, the format's Riddle

30:20 Timelines vs Aggro; the meta balancing force

34:12 Majiin's decks to plan around

37:13 Drisoth's elusive Abomination

46:10 The quandry of aggro stats vs tournament settings

48:55 If you had to choose now; what are you locking?

53:40 How to play the Plaza Guardian deck

1:00:13 Why is Demacia notably absent in Eternal?

1:02:44 Grand Plaza ain't so grand?

1:04:48 Thoughts on Eternal, why do people hate it?

1:07:40 Jason's CrAzY Idea

1:11:17 Bloopers!

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