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Mastering Runeterra Open Schedule

Mastering Runeterra's first open of the REAL competitive season is scheduled for April 8th, find out details of that and the NEXT TWO opens

With the conclusion of the beta season, competitive Legends of Runeterra is explosively back in action. This includes everyone's favorite tournament organizer, Mastering Runeterra, with dates for not only our next Open Tournament, but all of our open tournaments for this coming season, two of which will be Standard format, and one will be Eternal format.

The first of these three will be a Standard open on April 8th, a week before the first Runeterra Open.

The link to which can be found here:

Event Details

Date: April 8th, 9:00 am pst (12:00 pm est)

Entry Fee: $20.00 USD (This cost can be subsidized by Sponsor Quests on the tournament page)

Prize Distribution: The prize pool will be at least $1000 usd, but is built from entry fees, meaning if we reach over 111 entrants, the prize will grow by 18$ per person!

1st: 400 40% of the pool

2nd: 200 20% of the pool

3/4th: 100 10% of the pool each

5-8th: 50 5% of the pool each

Shard: This event will be played on the Americas Shard

Format: Standard, Best of Three, (Riot Lock format). Variable number of swiss rounds (depending on number of entrants) followed by cut to top 8 which will be Single Elimination.

Coverage: This tournament will have a full coverage stream on the day of covered by SparklingIceTea and Boulevard which will be available at


-This tournament requires an account on the Americas server to participate in.

-Riot ID# will be collected as part of registration, deck info must be submitted via this google form before the tournament's start time at

-The bracket will be viewable on this page after the tournament starts by participants and spectators alike

-If you wish to leave the tournament before it begins and receive a refund, please contact either Gregory the Grey on discord at Gregory the Grey#2657, or through email at [email protected] before the tournament's start time. After round 1 starts, no refunds will be processed.

-Reach out to Gregory the Grey#2657 on discord, [email protected], or the #help channel in our discord with any questions.

-The tournament will be held on Matcherino and be coordinated on the Mastering runeterra discord server, players are expected to join the server to follow announcements and the sort

-If you have further questions, feel free to reach out on the #help-n-questions channel on our Discord, by pming Gregory the Grey#2657, or through email at [email protected]