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RubinZoo on Changes to LoR Ranking System

Changes to the ranking system in Legends of Runeterra (LoR) were released earlier than expected, causing confusion among players. Steve Rubin AKA RubinZoo, a game designer for Riot Games, explained that the old formula for ranking up was causing issues with climbing ranks and needed a quick solution.

To address the problem, the design team developed a new formula that is more adjustable and focused on making the climbing system more satisfying. Although the new formula is not perfect, the team is excited to eventually make the system entirely based on LP.

Rubin also clarified that losing more LP than before after a defeat is intentional and significant. The team will monitor the LoR ranking system changes and make necessary changes for the next season, especially with Runeterra Points at stake.

It's worth noting that the changes were intended for the Glory in Navori patch. Rubin acknowledged that such changes shouldn't be made during the season and affect climbing's ease or difficulty in retrospect. He promised to review the situation next week.

Source: Steve Rubin


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