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Sat, January 21st: $1000 Mastering Runeterra Open!

December's MaRu Open was a success, with the LoR community contributing more than 50% of the $2,188 prize pool. The next MaRu Open will take place next Saturday - and we'll be doing these all year!
January Mastering Runeterra Open Tournament

We'll Be Doing This All Year!

December's Mastering Runeterra Open was a smashing success, with seventy-eight LoR players coming out to compete for a whopping $2,188 prize pool! And what's most impressive, more than half of said prize pool came from Legends of Runeterra's amazing community:

Donations for the prize pool of the December Mastering Runeterra Open

Because of such success, and above all such huge support from the community, we will continue with our Open Series for the rest of the year with at least one major Tournament every month. We will have contributions open for anyone that would like to chip into our prize pool – and I wanted to personally thank everyone that donated to our December tournament, as well as our amazing staff and casters for running such a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Also congrats to our December winner, Drisoth, who has already given back $300 of his winnings to the January Open's prize pool!

Drisoth's $300 Donation for the January MaRu Open prize pool

Our January Mastering Runeterra Open Tournament will take place this coming Saturday 21, at 9:00 am PST, in the Americas shard.

Entry: $20, payable by PayPal, debit, or credit (of which $2 is the registration fee, and $18.00 goes towards the prize pool).

Prize Pool: $1000 Minimum (each player beyond 55 adds $18 more to the prize pool!)

You can sign up and check the full rules on Matcherino at this link:

Last Chance Gauntlet

If the stakes are a bit high (or you are really addicted to LoR Tournaments…), worry not: as Legends of Runeterra's favorite card slinger would say, "This game is heating up!" – this coming Saturday there's not just one, but two competitions you can jump into: besides Mastering Runeterra's $1K Open, we'll have LoR's Last Chance Gauntlet, which qualifies you for Seasonals. Check the exact time when the Gauntlet launches in the game client (since it depends on which shard you're on), and notice that there's an ongoing Gauntlet right now, with Standard deck-building rules, so you still have a chance to earn a Prime Glory and you get to test your lineups until Saturday.

LoR Meta Stats Galore

If you need to search for your lineup's (friggin') third deck, remember that we have a whole bunch of data tools to help you find the highest winrate decks: our meta tier list and detailed meta stats pages, our matchup table, and our ban helper – a scrumptious All You Can Crunch Buffet, if you will! All data supplied by Riot, via Riot's API, from players at Platinum and above in the LoR ranked ladder.

And if numbers are not really your thing, then stay tuned: Sirturmund and MonteXristo should publish their Tournament & Gauntlet Lineups article next Thursday – in past editions they've been covering the Timewinder Gauntlets, but this week it will be all about Standard.

Hope those tools help, hope to see you in the January MaRu Open, and good luck out there!

January Mastering Runeterra Open Tournament

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