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Worlds 2022 Update

Worlds 2022 Qualifying is here!

Riot dropped some important Worlds information for us today and while we are still missing some things like the exact date of Worlds and the prize pool, we now have all of the important qualifying information.

For those that didn’t play last year there are three ways to qualify for worlds.

  • Top four in any of the next four Seasonal tournaments
  • Be one of the top 22 Seasonal point earners
  • Be one of the top 22 Ranked point earners

You earn one Seasonal point for each game you win during Seasonals (even if you lose the match) and two points for each win in the top 32 cut off. 

Ladder points are a bit trickier. You earn ladder points depending on where you finish on the ladder at the Seasonals cut off. Last year only your top two finishes would count and I assume Riot is using the same system this year since nothing else has changed. 

Here is the chart used to calculate how many points you get depending on where you finished each season.

We now know that there will be four qualifying seasonals and the dates that they will run.

Legends of Runeterra World Championship 2022 - Qualifying Seasons:

  • A Curious Journey (Current)
  • Season running from May 25 - July 19
  • Season running from July 20 - August 30
  • Season running from August 31 - October 11

We don’t yet have an exact date for Worlds but we do know that it will take place at the end of the year and have the same format as before with each shard playing down to 5-6 players, followed by a group stage for the top 16 and then a top 8 playoff.

October 12 - December 6, and it will be split across several separate events:

  • Regional Qualification Weekend
  • Group Stage Elimination Round - Top 16
  • Finals - Top 8

The Worlds qualifying race last year was probably the most fun that I’ve had playing LoR. It made every ladder and Seasonal game go from sometimes mundane to actually important. Being able to have that hype and excitement throughout the year makes the game so much more exciting and is the main reason I am always trying to push for more competitive events.

I really like that Worlds is at the end of the year and even though it’s already May I hope that this allows Riot to nail down all the fine points for Worlds and hopefully take some larger steps building the competitive scene heading into 2023. 

One last bit of news, Riot will be having coverage as per usual for this Seasonals so make sure you come out and support the streams, casters, players to show your support and to show Riot that we want them to be growing the competitive scene.

Good luck next weekend!