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Tournaments Galore! MaRu $2000 Open update + Daily tournaments

Our second July MaRu Open is coming up this Saturday with a slight tweak to the prize structure, and daily tourneys to boot!

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With the weekend looming, our second MaRu Open for this season is fast approaching! With registration open right now, and a full coverage stream planned for the day, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

With larger stages to play on such as grassroots tourneys and the World Championship Qualifier next weekend, we've resumed our series of Daily tournaments, these fire every evening at 5:30 pm pst, are single elimination, and have a pot of $20 for first place alongside a point race that takes place over the week and gives first place free entry to the MaRu open of their choice! All you have to do to participate is subscribe to any premium tier on the website, and join our discord to get in on the action

Balancing Act

For this Open onwards, there will be a small change to the guaranteed prize pool of our Opens. The prize pool for the opens will start at $1000 absolute minimum so long as we get at least 8 players. Beyond that, $18 from each player's entry will go towards the prize pool, until we overcome the minimum prize. For instance, if we have 55 players, the prize pool is still $1000 (rather than 55 x 18) but at 56 players, the total increases to $1008 and so on.

If we have a total of at least 90 players for the start of round 1, then the prize pool minimum goes to $2000, similarly with players past 111 adding $18 more to the pot.

This change is aimed to help us maintain a sustainable tournament series so we can continue to grow the grassroots scene and foster Legends of Runeterra esports moving forwards with exciting prize pools for everyone to aim for

Sign-ups are OPEN

You can sign up for our remaining two opens right now, or read further details on the rules, formats, and whatnot at the links below!

July 29th Standard Open:

August 26th Eternal Open:

If you find any conflicting information on these pages, or have any further questions, please address Gregorythegrey on discord, or our tournament Help & Questions channel in our Discord server

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