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Top 3 most underrated decks for the Open

Are you looking for a deck to round out your line up or perhaps some hidden gems? Majiin gives you three decks to do just that!
MajiinBae Article

 Coming in to our first (non beta) Runeterra open the meta seems to finally be solidifying. Quite a few tournament frontrunners seem to be separating themselves from the pack a bit, forming the expected metagame for the event.  The decks that come to mind are Karma Sett, Fizz Samira and Ashe LeBlanc.

 Since everybody already knows about these, I wanted to talk about some decks that I don't think aren't getting the attention that they deserve. I do tend to play a specific style of deck so my picks might be biased slightly towards decks that are good into the things I prefer to play but I believe all of these to be very strong sleeper picks.

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