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Squadcast Ep 39: Time of the Essence & Runeterra Open Aftermath

Open Champion Card Gamer, joined by the Squad and guest Dr Checkov give a recap of everything that went on with the first Runeterra Open

Cracking the whole tournament OPEN

The first official Runeterra Open has been a mixed experience for some, but for our very own Card Gamer, it was a MAJOR success. The Champ gives his recount of the event, and the entire Squad with guest Dr Checkov talk about how the open went for them, issues with communication, matchmaking, and Riot's official statement on what happened over the weekend.


0:00 Introduction
0:55 Card Gamer's strong Open
3:42 Scuffed experience
9:44 Quality of opponents
15:05 Riot's statement on the Opens
23:10 Player conduct concerns & violations
33:30 Playing for the clock is now illegal

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