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Top 16 at the Open. What went right, what went wrong

Majiin does it again, going deep in the Open while at another card game tournament no less! Read how he did it!
MajiinBae LoR Report

This weekend was the first ever Lor Open (that wasn’t in beta). I had decided to register basically the same lists that I had brought to the Mastering Runeterra $2k that I had won the weekend before. The decks served me well before and I really enjoyed playing them. If you’re looking to hear my more in depth thoughts on why I brought what I brought then I recommend reading my tournament recap article posted last week

Day 1: What went well

 My lineup felt incredible all day during the open. Going into every matchup feeling favored makes playing tournaments a blast. The decks that I had expected to see the most such as Ashe Leblanc (which we farm) and Leona Samira (which we ban) were everywhere, leaving me feeling comfortable in the meta. 

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