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Runeterra Announcements: Competition, Motivation, and Journeys to the Top

Tips, data, and personal insights to navigate the most competitive month in LoR's history.

Howdy, Champs!

For those among you that are itching for a bit of high-stakes LoR, get ready to scratch: the Mastering Runeterra $1K Eternal Open will fire up this Saturday!

Mastering Runeterra $1K Eternal Open

You can sign up and find all the registration details here:

As always, we will have live coverage by Boulevard and SparklingIceTea on our Twitch Channel

Jason's Journey to the Top

Although Tournaments are more his thing, MaRu Captain Jason Fleurant went on a mad dash to claim #1 on the LoR Eternal Ladder, later sharing his experience and takeaways on how to do the same.

And then he condensed all his insights in a second article, answering the most important question: What's the best deck to climb the Eternal ladder, and why it's Poppy Ziggs?

LoR Meta Reports and Stats Galore

With two Ladders to keep track of now, our team has been doubly busy!

Also, our Eternal Decks Stats page is up and running – along with our LoR Meta Tier Lists for Standard and Eternal, no good deck is left behind.

The MaRu Podcast: MMR Mess, Monetization, and Ladder Carrots

Aikado joins Jae and Bae to discuss the recent meta, the MMR mess, monetization, and what drives people to play.

Wrapping Up

June is as stacked with tournaments as any LoR competitive player could hope for: the MaRu $1K tomorrow, and two Runeterra Opens in the following two weekends.

Best of luck out there, and may you eternally draw your wincons!

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