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Mastering Runeterra Podcast Ep 101: Ruthless Rumbles Open For Business

Ruthless Rumbles have rolled out! The guys give their day one experiences, thoughts on different decks and lineups for Best of Three, and more

Are you ready to Ruthless Rumble?

The fancy new Ruthless Rumbles (the premium paid-entry Best of Three Standard Rumble) have rolled out! The guys talk about their day one experiences with this new competitive gauntlet, what they've seen and felt with their lineups so far, and brew some ideas for the upcoming Mastering Runeterra Open and the Riot Runeterra Open the following week.


0:00 Intro
0:43 Today we have a Podcast about Runeterra
5:02 Ruthless Rumble is here & the serious sparring we wanted
13:05 Could the Casual content creators make Opens & Ruthless Rumbles a grand slam?
14:30 Jason's Rumble Report
17:05 MajiinBae's Experience
22:00 Bae's Innovative Plan
26:05 Scouts' Potential
27:57 Hallowed Scouts' raw power
30:00 Lineup Brewing & Deck nuances
33:40 A wide meta with strong pillars
35:24 Unknowns about the (Riot) Runeterra Open
41:00 Outro

Do you have feedback for the hosts? Let us know in our Discord server, in the Youtube Comments or on our Twitter, thanks for listening!

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