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Ashe LeBlanc Noxus Deck Guide

Ashe Leblanc is taking the competitive scene by storm and we've broken down how to play this classic archetype and how to beat it!

Hey all, it’s your boy Yangzera back at it again with another deck guide for Mastering Runeterra and this time we’ll delve into the past – but not with Ryze. I’m talking about the AsheAshe LeBlancLeBlanc deck that has been making huge waves in the meta, and honestly making me kind of surprised. I didn’t expect this deck to be powerful at all, especially with the removal of such a key card for the strategy in Troll ChantTroll Chant being rotated, but here we are, in a meta where people will die to ReckoningReckoning being cast and disrespect the power of a well timed Trifarian AssessorTrifarian Assessor. As much as I’m shocked that the deck is any good, I can’t turn a blind eye to its numbers, and that’s why I came here to break it down for you.

Why The deck Suddenly Popped Up

Honestly, I don’t know the exact answer, and we probably never will. It’s probably a combination of people forgetting ReckoningReckoning is a card you should be playing around, big bodies being generally good against these Piltover and Zaun piles trying to counter Fizz with all their Caustic RiffCaustic Riffs that can only tickle our dudes and make us laugh at them, or if it’s just such a low power level environment that Noxus Freljord can do what it does best – beat people down with massive power stats on curve.

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