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Ep 102: Post Open Observations - the Mastering Runeterra Podcast

Majiinbae made top cut again! The duo give their open experiences, go over the recent Riot news, and give feedback on how to up the open

Hindsight is 20/20

Another big tournament, another day 2 for the legendary Majiinbae! The dynamic duo go over their open experiences, recap the recent Riot news, give their takes on the drama that unfolded, and turn a critical eye to what could be improved in future opens.


0:00 Intro
0:43 News and updates: We have a Magic the Gathering website now!
2:30 Stunningly, Majiinbae Day 2'd the Open
17:04 Jason played in the Open too
19:20 Perspective on the direction of Runeterra
22:16 Ladder MMR is a bit messed up
24:16 Eternal is suddenly VERY important - Bonus Tournament
25:37 The Open; Hits and Misses

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