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LoR Weekly Watch March 15 – March 21

In his Weekly Watch, Shadawx covers community news, Ladder watch, Tournament results & thoughts about the Tournament meta, and more!


Hey everyone, Shadawx here with the Weekly Watch. This week we got new Wombats members, winning tournament lineups of the week, and more coming up.

Community & Dev Watch

No Riot news this week!

We had BestLoRMoments highlight different women in the community in honor of Women’s History Month! So far a few have been showcased and there are many more still to come. So keep an eye out for more spotlights on the wonderful women in our scene.

GrappLr had his deviated septum fixed this week and is recovering from the blood pouring from his nose. Let's give our favorite papaya streamer well wishes to get better and back to streaming soon!

The Wobbly Wombats have announced a couple of new members to their Wisdom, Hash and Trivo! Both are excellent players and will be great additions to the group. Hash, while new to the game, has already topped a seasonals and is striving to learn more, and Trivo is a long-time player with plenty of experience and knowledge to share with all!

Ladder Watch

This week’s snap of the America’s front page of ladder features Scouts, Pantheon Yuumi, Aphelios Lux, Lulu Fizz PnZ YiA, Karma Ezreal, and 3x Fae YiA Demacia.

No real surprise that Yordle in Arms is abundant up there, and it’s nice to see we still have people trying out other decks like Beastllama on Karma Ezreal and Thomaszamo still piloting Lux Aphelios.

Tournament Watch

We had the Mastering Runeterra $200 Sunday Showdown, where Sqweeby took home the win. He went with a lineup of Fae Demacia YiA, Bandle Tree YiA, and Trundle Jayce Timelines. Big congrats to Sqweeby!

For the other Mastering Runeterra weeklies, this week we had the one on Wednesday & Friday both won by Davebo on their lineup of Yuumi Pantheon, Fae YiA Demacia, and Jayce Lux.

We also had an EU weekly on Thursday that was won by Phame running Caitlyn Ezreal, Swain Gnar, and Yuumi Pantheon.

The Mystic Shot Podcast’s Tuesday weekly had Hydra’s TheBlackBoss win it all. They brought an interesting double scouts lineup + Fae YiA Demacia, choosing to pair Miss Fortune with Poppy, and Quinn with Kalista, for the two scout decks.

Giant Slayer’s Fight Night had XxWhatAmIxX take Americas with Spider aggro, Pirate aggro, and  Bandle burn. EMEA’s winner was Smooth Swoleoist with Bandle Tree YiA, Fae YiA Demacia, and Lulu PnZ YiA.

Finally, we also had a special Fight Night BR: Lady Legends this week in honor of International Women’s Day where Lana took it down with her lineup of Sivir Akshan, Yuumi Pantheon, and Scouts.

So with the winning lineups this week, we’re still seeing that YiA decks are the thing to beat, and it’s even making its way into Bandle Tree decks as another wincon.

Yuumi Pantheon also seems to be a big player in the tournament meta, since it has favored matchups into those Scout/Rally pile decks. Overall Demacia seems to be the big region of this season, and I guess we’ll have to see how things play out from here.

Upcoming Tournaments

So we have our usual weekly tournaments: Giant Slayer’s Fight Night – Americas Monday, Brazil Thursday, and EMEA Friday. Mystic Shot Podcast on Tuesday at 8:30pm EST for Americas. And Mastering Runeterra’s weeklies on Wednesday, Friday, and Sundays for AM and Thursdays for EMEA.

In Closing

That’ll wrap it up for this week’s LoR Weekly Watch.

Only a couple more weeks left until the patch. I wonder if we’ll see some of the changes to Bandle that people have been wondering about, or if Demacia will get some hits to their cards.

Also big congrats to Aikado who finished his EU Iron to Masters stream in 46 hours! It finished up as I was getting this out!

Hope to see you again next week. Thanks for watching! =)

About the Author

Playing LoR since beta, consistent masters player. LoR Dreamhack winner and other high-level tournament win/top cuts. Crazy deck builder. I like garlic bread.

If you’d ever like to chat, know more about the game, or would like some coaching sessions, feel free to hit me up on my socials!




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