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What Our Pros are Playing

LoR Seasonal Lineups -- These are the Mastering Runeterra pro players' recommendations!

Hello everyone! Worlds 2022 qualifying is in full swing as we approach our first Seasonals of the new season! This is a very exciting time for the community and it's been amazing to see everyone start to get excited for what's to come. We've been busy behind the scenes building tools like the best of three ban helper and the match up grid, running the Road to Seasonals Tournament Series and we've even onboarded a whole second pro team and podcast (The Squad and their cast). Below many of our team members have shared line ups that they have tested and will most likely be bringing on Saturday, along with some general strategy and bans in case you are still trying to figure out what you should play. One last piece of news Aikado and I will be Co-streaming the Worldwalker stream tomorrow morning at 9am PST, we will also have some skins to give away in our chat so be sure to come say hi and see what Riot has in store for us!


My recommendation: aFaelios + Scouts + X.

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