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NA versus EU Grudge Money Match!!

Five versus five, honor and $1000 on the line!

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Some of the best LoR players on each side of the Atlantic, including reigning World Champion Alanzq, will clash this Sunday in a five-versus-five, best-of-three Ironman:


Ironman-style format โ€“ Matches are one-versus-one, best-of-three. Winner stays, loser is out.

Riot lock โ€“ no restrictions on decks or lineups aside from that.

No backseating.

SparklingIceT, who will stream the match, announced the grudge match with absolute impartiality:

Eager to showcase their smurf accounts, the EU team has requested that the confronation takes place in the Americas shard. The NA team has graciously accepted.

Match to take place this coming Sunday, Sept 25th, 2PM EST/ 20 CEST.

Each team will announce their lineups and first competitor two hours before the confrontation begins.

Stream and Casting:

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