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Ephemeral Onslaught – A Zed Hecarim Deck Guide

Old as Beta, Zed Hecarim is an aggressive combo deck that creates wide Ephemeral boards to threaten huge damage, and that with buffs and added support has become a very viable deck for climbing to Masters.

Hey guys, it’s Scissorsbox here, and today I am bringing you a guide for Zed Hecarim Ephemerals, a deck that has existed since Legends of Runeterra's beta. Although it was not very competitive back then (nor for a very long time), the archetype has received many support cards throughout several expansions and it is now a viable deck to climb to Masters, or even play in some tournament lineups in the current LoR meta.

This deck is an aggressive combo deck that aims to win by attacking with wide boards of Ephemeral units. 

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