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Avoid These 6 Common Newbie Mistakes in Legends of Runeterra

Sorry shares 6 different mistakes that players make when starting Legends of Runeterra.

Embarking on a new gaming adventure like Legends of Runeterra is a thrilling experience, but it often brings along a bunch of mistakes. These mistakes, however, serve as stepping stones for improvement. Over time, you'll naturally make fewer misplays as you progress.

Legends of Runeterra is a digital card game where your choices play a big role in finding the best ways to outsmart your opponent and come out as the winner. This means you'll need to understand the cards, the strategies, and enhance your logical thinking according to the game's rules.

In this article, I'll point out common mistakes that new players usually make. Let's get started!

1- Rejecting the Meta

Although playing games for fun should always be a priority, many players, both new and seasoned, steer away from certain decks due to their popularity within the meta. This mindset can hinder your growth as a player and put you at a disadvantage.

Don't be quick to dismiss a deck just because everyone's playing it. I've seen lots of players in the community give the cold shoulder to these decks or even shame other players for liking them. Play the decks you enjoy, regardless of their popularity.

Give those popular meta decks a shot. Trying them out will not only aid you in climbing the ranked ladder but also deepen your understanding of the meta itself. This, in turn, enhances your deck-building skills by allowing you to adapt your creations to effectively counter popular strategies.

2- Giving up Easily

Mastering card games demands a considerable investment of time, particularly when memorizing thousands of distinct cards. This means you'll find yourself constantly pausing to examine the opponent's cards and understand their game plan. Some folks find this part pretty exciting as they get to know the game better. But for others, it can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially when they keep losing.

What you need here is patience. If you feel like you need to ease into the game and card interactions, start by playing against AI opponents. That way, you'll gradually learn the cards and how the game works, and then you can jump into playing against real players.

Path of Champions is another popular game mode in Legends of Runeterra if you prefer the PvE experience.

Similarly, when you're trying out a new deck, don't just ditch it at the first sign of losing. Instead, take a moment to figure out what's not working and how you can tweak things to get better results.

3- Not Asking for Help

Legends of Runeterra can be a bit complex, especially if you're new to this genre of game. Don't shy away from getting help from the LoR community. Whether it's understanding game mechanics or testing out different deck ideas, the LoR community loves to help out players and give assistance whenever it's needed.

You've got places like the main LoR subreddit and Mastering Runeterra's Discord server where you can find some seriously valuable resources. And if you're aiming for serious improvement, you might even consider getting coaching sessions from expert players.

4- Wasting Shards

Shards are precious in-game currency for card purchases. Spending them carelessly can be counterproductive. Whenever you can, use Wild Cards instead of Shards. Common and Rare Wild Cards are easier to get your hands on, so save those precious Shards for getting Epic and Champion cards.

Focus on obtaining Standard champions/cards, as investing Shards in Rotated cards might not be wise until the Eternal ladder is available.

For a quick reference on Rotated cards for the year 2023, click here.

5- Ignoring Deck Balance

When new players start building their decks in Legends of Runeterra, they might be drawn to powerful, high-cost cards with flashy abilities. While these cards can be impactful, having too many of them in your deck can lead to inconsistency and slow starts.

A well-balanced deck includes a mix of low, mid, and high-cost cards to ensure that you have options to play throughout the game.

That means not just units but also combat tricks, cards that let you draw more cards, protection, and removal spells. How you distribute these cards depends on your deck's style and strategy.

And if you're really looking to dive deep into crafting decks, check out this deck-building guide by Yangzera.

6- Focusing on Luck

Card games involve a mental component, including decision-making under pressure and adapting to opponents' strategies. Addressing the mental aspect of gameplay, such as staying calm after losses, learning from mistakes, and maintaining a positive attitude, can contribute to a more enjoyable and growth-oriented experience.

The element of randomness, often referred to as "RNG" in card games, has the potential to either work in your favor or go against you. It's crucial to prioritize your personal growth as a player and ensure that the influence of luck doesn't overly impact your mental state. If necessary, remember to take breaks and return with a refreshed mindset instead of jamming games out of anger.

Closing Words

These are some of the common mistakes that newcomers to Runeterra might encounter. Recognizing and fixing these mistakes is important to your growth as a player. By tackling these challenges, you'll develop and progress in your journey with the game.

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