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Resources for New Players


The 1-2-3 of Deckbuilding

WhatAmI answers a subtle riddle of the deckbuilding process: “How many copies of a given card do we want in our deck?”


LoR Glossary

CCG jargon can be quite obscure for the uninitiated. Passing, SMORC, Ping, Tempo, Roping, BM… MonteXristo lists and explains most LoR-related terms!


How to Climb in a New Meta

If you want to climb fast on patch day, you have different options – Monte details five of them, depending how you prefer to attack a brand-new, turbulent meta!


Learning How to Learn: The Value of Tempo

Tempo is a seemingly straightforward term in card games – but, like Time, it’s hard to define precisely. Yangzera breaks it down into three factors, to better grasp this crucial strategic concept.