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9 Cards Sorry Believes Deserve a Nerf for Patch 4.10

Sorry shares 9 Legends of Runeterra cards that he considers deserving of a Nerf.

Heya everyone, Sorry here! Patch 4.9 has been a success, bringing many different archetypes and playstyles into the mix. Both the Standard ranked ladder and the Runeterra Open have witnessed many unique archetypes performing exceptionally well. However, a couple of decks have stood out, relying heavily on specific potent cards to gain a significant edge in performance.

In this article, I'll discuss nine cards that, in my opinion, have proven to be overly powerful and warrant a nerf in Patch 4.10. Let's dive in!

1- Warden of The Tribes

Warden of the Tribes

Warden of the TribesWarden of the Tribes has served as a formidable finisher for quite some time. After receiving a buff in Patch 4.7, it has consistently dominated the competitive scene. Various versions of Warden of the TribesWarden of the Tribes have found success, with some players even including two or three Warden decks in their lineup.

One obvious nerf option is to revert Warden of the TribesWarden of the Tribes to its previous 9-mana cost, delaying its game-ending potential by one turn. This change would provide opponents with more time to either end the game or find the appropriate answers to deal with Warden of the TribesWarden of the Tribes.

Alternatively, a different approach could involve removing the Overwhelm keyword while keeping its cost at 8 mana. This would eliminate the immediate Overwhelm threat posed by Warden of the TribesWarden of the Tribes while still requiring opponents to sacrifice a blocker to survive the incoming damage.

2- Exalted Cloudwinder

Exalted Cloudwinder

The JannaJanna support package has been extremely powerful in the Patch 4.9 meta, fostering various archetypes heavily reliant on this core build. Decks like JannaJanna SamiraSamira, JannaJanna NilahNilah, and JannaJanna TeemoTeemo Champions' StrengthChampions have seen substantial success.

Exalted CloudwinderExalted Cloudwinder stands out as one of the strongest cards in JannaJanna's support package, offering valuable card draw and a solid 3|2 unit with the Quick Attack keyword, which can pose problems for opponents when it goes for the attack. In the right archetype, Exalted CloudwinderExalted Cloudwinder is basically a 3-cost unit that creates a lot of value, and at the same time, you're still able to set up more plays on that specific turn.

My suggestion here is to remove the Quick Attack keyword from Exalted CloudwinderExalted Cloudwinder. This change would enable opponents to block and eliminate it more efficiently while preserving its card draw power, which benefits JannaJanna decks. This adjustment would reduce its overall offensive strength and encourage more cautious attacks with Exalted CloudwinderExalted Cloudwinder.

3- Ekko


EkkoEkko is one of the strongest champions in the game who has managed to remain in the shadows, dodging any nerfs. Decks like EkkoEkko ZileanZilean, Mono EkkoEkko, and EkkoEkko JinxJinx, while not popular on the ranked ladder, are always considered in tournaments as anti-meta decks or to complement a lineup.

What makes Ekko good is his 5 Power + Quick Attack, the relatively easy level-up condition, ChronobreakChronobreak, and the 0-mana Time TrickTime Trick.

There are many ways to nerf EkkoEkko without severely impacting the archetype's gameplay. One option is to revert EkkoEkko's level-up condition, requiring 5 Predicts instead of 4. This change would delay EkkoEkko's level-up, making it less accessible by turn 4 and forcing players to wait until turn 5 or 6 to play him.

ChronobreakTime Trick

An alternative possible nerf involves changing either ChronobreakChronobreak's cost to 4 mana, making EkkoEkko players more cautious with their mana management, or setting the cost of the created Time TrickTime Trick to 1 mana, shutting down the free use of Time TrickTime Tricks, especially after multiple attacks in a turn.

4- Innovative Blacksmith and Combat Cook

Innovative Blacksmith

Innovative BlacksmithInnovative Blacksmith has proven to be a potent addition to various archetypes like GnarGnar Jarvan IVJarvan IV and JaxJax OrnnOrnn, contributing to JaxJax OrnnOrnn's dominance in the meta. A potential nerf Bajatakk suggested that I agree with is to reduce her base Power by 1, which would weaken her overall.

This is also an indirect nerf to JaxJax OrnnOrnn, as less Power means a slower JaxJax level-up. Right now, JaxJax OrnnOrnn is one of the best decks in the meta and has been in the top 3 most-brought decks to the Runeterra Open. So any tiny nerfs should help put the deck back in check.

Combat Cook

As for Combat CookCombat Cook, it's arguably one of the best 4 drops in the game thanks to its Forge ability. A nerf to Combat CookCombat Cook should tone down the mid-game power of JaxJax OrnnOrnn. It can receive a similar nerf to that of Innovative BlacksmithInnovative Blacksmith by reducing its Power by 1.

However, I'm still worried about the Concurrent TimelinesConcurrent Timelines deck in the Eternal meta, which will still take advantage of both Innovative BlacksmithInnovative Blacksmith and Combat CookCombat Cook due to follower transformation bypassing the base stat nerfs.

5- Wildfire


This is a tricky and difficult card to nerf. Many players have suggested changes to other cards that synergize with Wildfire, such as modifying Rejuvenating BreezeRejuvenating Breeze to draw two different spells to prevent drawing two copies of WildfireWildfire.

However, this approach of altering other cards to indirectly nerf a problematic card may not be ideal in the long run. A straightforward "lazy nerf" could involve increasing WildfireWildfire's cost by 1 or capping its damage at 4. I'm not confident those two nerfs are the correct approach, though.

6- Windborne Mariner

Windborne Mariner

I'm not a huge fan of cards dropping down to 0 mana. So I'd like to see a nerf to Windborne MarinerWindborne Mariner. Instead of going down to 0 mana, 1 mana sounds more feasible. It'll still count towards JannaJanna's level-up, but it removes that ability to go wide on the board if you have more than one Windborne MarinerWindborne Mariner in hand and unleash a catastrophic attack if the opponent doesn't have the ping spells to deal with a Windborne MarinerWindborne Mariner.

7- Death from Below

Death From Below

There used to be a meme back in the day that Death From BelowDeath From Below is lurk's version of a Tri-beam ImprobulatorTri-beam Improbulator. Although we don't see Lurk much in competitive tournaments, it is popular on the ranked ladder and has been doing well in several metas.

Death From BelowDeath From Below is a powerful removal card that summons a PykePyke on the board at the same time. Although one Death From BelowDeath From Below can shift the state of the game, a second one can be devastating, especially if PykePyke levels up.

Increasing its cost to 5 mana, similar to the Tri-beam ImprobulatorTri-beam Improbulator, would suffice, making it more difficult for players to cast it and also summon additional Lurkers on the board.

8- Blocking Badgerbear

Blocking Badgerbear

Although I'm not too bothered by Blocking BadgerbearBlocking Badgerbear putting a stop to Elusive decks from taking over the meta, I wouldn't mind seeing it lose 1 Power. A 3|4 follower that can block elusive units should still hold decently, depending on the meta.

9- Living Legends

Living Legends

Living LegendsLiving Legends has never been a problem in the meta; however, with the introduction of Cosmic CallCosmic Call, the interaction has proven too bothersome to play against.

Casting a 5-mana Living LegendsLiving Legends and getting back full mana leaves little counterplay for most decks. Unfortunately, Living LegendsLiving Legends will have to be hit with a nerf due to Cosmic CallCosmic Call. Changing Living LegendsLiving Legends to refill mana based on its cost should shut down the Cosmic CallCosmic Call + Living LegendsLiving Legends powerful combo play.

I'd be fine with Living LegendsLiving Legends refilling spell mana if there's excess mana to compensate for the nerf.

Closing Words

There are other cards that might be deserving of nerfs other than the ones I've listed in the article. Keep in mind that these are all my considerations, and it doesn't mean all of them should be nerfed to have a better upcoming meta!