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The Leaderboard is Live!

The first of many community tools made by Mastering Runeterra is here, the Masters Leaderboard is now live!

We all want information fast, and that's an understandable facet of our high-speed digital lives nowadays. Whether it's something as simple as the time of day, or as complex as the precise card numbers in MajiinBae's latest list he used to climb the ladder, news needs to come at you fast, convenient, and easily digestibly. If you want to know who's on top, what decks the big dogs are using, and how you match up to your friends you don't want to have to open up the client, you want it now; possibly on an online leaderboard developed from scratch by the team who makes your favorite Runeterra website.

Introducing, the Leaderboard!

Instantly see every player in Masters on every shard with recent LP and deck lists pulled straight from the Riot API for your viewing pleasure. The deck pane is expandable to see the full details of their latest list, complete with a one-touch button to copy either the code or a link to the deck for easy importing to client or sharing with friends. The interface and appearance has been tested and optimized for high readability on desktop and mobile, as well as both light and dark modes. However you need it, you can count on it!

Now available on the top bar of this very website;

This is the first of numerous tools in the pipeline by our dev team for community use so look forward to further improvements and additional tools in the future! If you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions for further improvements to the leaderboard or what we should consider for our next project, please reach out in our Discord's Website and Community Feedback channel.