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Squadcast RPG Takeover: Matching Micro to Macro Gameplans - Ep 40

Red Pup Games has taken over with their momentum from the Open to give insights as to how they keep on being a dominant force in competitive LoR

Talk about hot dogs!

The unstoppable force that is Red Pup Games (RPG) has taken over the Squadcast to give their insights as to what makes them such a dominant force in competitive runeterra. They also go over their thoughts on the Open, their patch wishlists, and how to step up your game (hint; Card Gamer offers coaching)

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0:00 Introductions
1:13 The Champion's Run & Red Pups' record
7:44 Wisdom of the Red Pups: What makes consistent success
11:11 Floppy's fated encounter with NicMakesPlays
14:56 Identifying your failings and how to improve on your play; Don't play Baccai on 1
22:15 Red Pups' read on Rubin's response about the Open: Better than people think
31:58 Balance Patch Wishlist
41:45 Archetypes that we expect to come up after Samira's reign
47:25 Questions from the LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE

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