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Sorry's First Impression on the New Demacia/Noxus Cards - Heart of The Huntress Expansion

Join Sorry as he goes through all the new Demacia/Noxus variety cards from the Heart of The Huntress Expansion.

Heya everyone, Sorry here. The Legends of Runeterra official Twitter account has just revealed six new cards, three of which belong to the Demacia region, while the remaining cards are from Noxus.

Two of the cards have Cat and Bird Subtypes, which will synergize with the upcoming batch of cards and the newest champion, Neeko.

Let's go through all the new cards! I'll share my first impression and opinion of each one of them.

Let's start with the three Noxus cards:

Bonehide Tri-tail

Bonehide Tri-Tail

Bonehide Tri-tailBonehide Tri-tail has the Cat subtype and synergizes with other subtypes, gaining +1|+1 for each different subtype other allies have. With a mana cost of 4, it offers a 3|2 stat line, and you'll want to aim for at least a +2|+2 boost.

The Overwhelm keyword makes this card even better, as you'll be able to use those additional stats you've gained to deal Nexus damage. Your opponent can't simply block it with a weak unit to preserve their health.

As one of the few cards that promote synergy among different subtypes, Bonehide Tri-tailBonehide Tri-tail foreshadows a potential increase in such mechanics with the reveal of Neeko.

Ravenborn Tome

Ravenborn Tome

Ravenborn TomeRavenborn Tome is a new equipment from Noxus with an intriguing ability—it copies the skills of its bearer. This equipment doesn't provide any health benefits, it only gives an additional 1 Power.

What are the units that benefit from having their skills copied? For example, GwenGwen can start snipping twice on the opponent's Nexus, allowing you to level her faster.

Miss FortuneMiss Fortune can trigger her Love TapLove Tap twice, making it challenging for the opponent to block effectively. Meanwhile, Captive GreybackCaptive Greyback can deal a hefty 6 Nexus damage with its ability.

Ravenborn TomeRavenborn Tome opens up a realm of creativity, enabling unique and enjoyable decks to flourish. Including this equipment in archetypes that can capitalize on additional skill activations can turn it into a potent tool.

Captain Kalrix

Captain Kalrix

Captain KalrixCaptain Kalrix is a 5-cost unit with a 1|5 stat line and Overwhelm keyword. A pretty low Power for a good reason...

The new Noxus unit has an extremely powerful ability! If Captain KalrixCaptain Kalrix manages to strike the Nexus, it'll damage it for half its health. This means Captain KalrixCaptain Kalrix can dish out a lot of damage if it's allowed to go through.

The Overwhelm keyword means players can buff up Captain KalrixCaptain Kalrix Power, allowing the Overwhelm damage to go through the blocking unit and deal Nexus damage. Cards like Elixir of WrathElixir of Wrath and Sharpened ResolveSharpened Resolve work well with Captain KalrixCaptain Kalrix, facilitating its ability to strike the Nexus.

Additionally, The Darkin BallistaThe Darkin Ballista, a low-cost equipment, grants Captain KalrixCaptain Kalrix +2|0, increasing its threat during an attack.

Captain KalrixCaptain Kalrix finds its place in combo and aggressive decks, and we might witness its inclusion in decks featuring DariusDarius, as it sets the stage for a leveled-up DariusDarius to enter the board on turn 6.

Time for some Demacia cards:

Crested Lionhawk

Crested Lionhawk

New Bird subtype card! This one is on the high end of mana cost with a value-generation ability.

Crested LionhawkCrested Lionhawk is a 6-mana cost unit with a 5|5 stat line and the Tough keyword. At first glance, it may resemble a higher-cost version of Vanguard CavalryVanguard Cavalry, but its ability takes it to another level.

Crested LionhawkCrested Lionhawk can Manifest a Demacian spell if you have an ally with a different subtype. This highlights the significance of subtype synergy, which will likely become more important with the release of Neeko.

Without its powerful ability, Crested LionhawkCrested Lionhawk is underwhelming to play. This means you'll have to run it in archetypes with many different subtype units.

Mageseeker Junior

Stony Suppressor

Mageseeker Junior

Denounce magic!

Mageseeker JuniorMageseeker Junior embodies everything Stony SuppressorStony Suppressor wishes to be.

While Mageseeker JuniorMageseeker Junior is on the board, all spells costing less than 3 mana will now cost 3 mana to cast. This represents a potent answer against decks that heavily rely on low-cost spells as part of their game plan. Decks like SamiraSamira SeraphineSeraphine will face difficulties setting up their strategies, forcing them to redirect their focus towards eliminating Mageseeker JuniorMageseeker Junior.

There are a couple of distinctions between Mageseeker JuniorMageseeker Junior and Stony SuppressorStony Suppressor. Stony Suppressor increases the cost of all spells, regardless of their mana cost. However, Mageseeker Junior and Stony Suppressor shine the most during the early game, where cheaper spells are used. It makes sense that you'd want to focus on increasing the cost of cheap spells the most, so the drawback of Mageseeker Junior isn't that punishing. Furthermore, Mageseeker Junior increases the cost of 0 mana spells by 3 and 1 mana spells by 2, delivering even more pressure in the early stages.

Additionally, Mageseeker JuniorMageseeker Junior performs better in matchups where increasing spell cost isn't effective. For instance, in a mirror matchup, the advantage gained from inflating the opponent's spell costs is limited. However, Mageseeker Junior still contributes as a unit with solid 3|3 stats. The same cannot be said for Stony Suppressor, as its 1|3 stats make it unable to trade efficiently with most opponent units, reducing its role to a mere chump blocker for preserving Nexus health.

Scrutinizing Sergeant

Scrutinizing Sergeant

New Elite card that costs 5 mana with a 3|3 stat line. Although it may possess a seemingly weak stat line for its cost, its ability compensates for it.

Upon playing Scrutinizing SergeantScrutinizing Sergeant, you'll have the opportunity to select a unit costing 3 or less from the top 5 cards of your deck and summon it onto the board. This ability allows you to search for powerful 3-cost units like Blocking BadgerbearBlocking Badgerbear or Vanguard SergeantVanguard Sergeant, facilitating wide board presence and additional pressure.

This card proves to be a solid addition to Elite archetypes, contributing to their strategy of going wide on the board and pressuring the opponent's Nexus.

Closing Words

Some of the cards look extremely powerful, with a lot of potential behind them. I'm curious to see how strong Ravenborn Tome will end up being in the right archetype!

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