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NEW Matchup Table and Ban Helper tools are live!

Just in time for our charity tournament and Seasonals, Mastering Runeterra is launching their brand new Best of 3 Ban Helper AND a Matchup Table!

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Just in time for Seasonals, MasteringRuneterra has two new tools to help you knock it out of the park! Introducing our newly launched Matchup Table and Bo3 (Best of Three) Ban helper tools!

Matchup Table

This tool lets you quickly evaluate the matchup of different top tier decks in seconds. It's a great way to evaluate possible inclusions in a tournament lineup simply by looking for a common poor matchup for a target lineup, or lets you tell where your decks' strengths and weaknesses lie. The data comes from Masters ladder only, so you're only getting data from the top players!

This tool can be found on the side-bar or at

Bo3 Ban Helper

Everyone tests their decks to prepare for a tournament, especially seasonals. But even if you scrim day in and day out or grind ladder CONSTANTLY, it's not possible to fully test EVERY matchup for EVERY deck. When you get into the lobby and see your opponent's decks, you're on the clock to evaluate what your decks can and can't handle.

Simply punch in your decks, the opponent's decks, and enjoy a simplified 3x3 grid of your matchup percentages. With that you can see what your common weak link is so you can expect their ban, and even target whatever deck they have that aces your entire team! It pulls almost every deck with any sample size for the deck selections so you'll never be missing out on whatever data is available for your banning needs!

This new tool can be found on the sidebar as well, or at


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