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Master the Art of Runeterra Lineup Building: Top Tips from a Pro Player

Discover the secrets to building a winning lineup in Legends of Runeterra and dominate the Open with our expert tips, strategies, and in-depth analysis.
runeterra lor line up strategy

One of the most challenging aspects of playing Runeterra competitively is building a good three-deck lineup. I’m back with another article and today, we will explore the basics(and some intricacies) of lineup building in LoR. Our focus will be on the Standard method of construction, with Standard rules, just like you’ve probably experienced in the latest Runeterra Open.

Learning Fundamentals

The first thing you need to do when going to build a lineup is to iron out your fundamental concepts of the game. Why decks are the way they are, why specific cards are in specific decks, what are these decks’ skeletons like and how your playstyle and strategy going into a tournament will affect the way you build your decks, and your lineup.

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